my wordpress site is compromised

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    hi guyz...i need your help

    i just notice that my main website don't display adsense ads, or if it displays, it's not related to my it displays dating ads, education and porn filter thing software. my main site is health related and it should display health related as well.

    that is when i type www*mywebsite*com (w/ 1 article display only)

    if i will go to the link of the article in the main page, like www*mywebsite*com/articleone, all the adsense display are correct, health related.

    so i check the source code of the main site, i saw some hidden link just below the recent entries....

    <a href**LINK FROM TUMBLR.COM*** target="_blank">poker gratuit</a>

    so i believe they inserted the script only on the main page. i check all the PHP files but failed to find the root cause.
    or maybe i don't know what to look.

    any suggestion to solve my problem? i can PM the link of my website so you can see.

    many thanks.