My wife never shuts up. She is a CONTENT machine. How do I harness her and make Millions!?

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    pain in the ass cabbie
    My wife never shuts up. She is a CONTENT machine. How do I harness her and make Millions!?

    Some people may see this post and think I am joking but I am serious here. My wife emails me maybe 20 times a day. Texted me over 900 times to my android phone since july 18th.

    When She is not on the phone with me or texting me she is on the phone with someone else talking texting etc. etc. etc.

    I want to harness her every word into a blog and see if any of it ranks. Some of the shit she says must have the potential to make me money.

    How do I feed her emails into a blog?
    How do I feed her texts into a blog?
    How do I feed her facebook and everything else she says or does into one blog?

    Let me know.
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    Manly, Australia
    Post an example of why she says lol.
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    hahaha...Don't know why but I can't stop laughing... :D btw, u can easily feed her emails and facebook msgs,etc. into your blog! But I don't know about texts!
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    pain in the ass cabbie
    wife wifes last name

    More â–¼
    wife: I love you I figured it out!!!!
    Sent at 11:45 PM on Thursday
    wife: FINALLY
    Lots of male requests on here to friend me Mr. wifes last name...
    Sent at 11:46 PM on Thursday
    me: lol
    love you
    wife: omg it goes to my phone too!!!!
    I love this
    Sent at 11:51 PM on Thursday
    wife: unbusy urself this my name wifes last name is busy you may be interrupting message is annoying
    what does that mean this chat is no longer off the record
    theres a calender
    a to do list
    im in HEAVEN
    and free mobile and email alerts reminders!!!!!!
    Sent at 11:53 PM on Thursday
    me: google logs all chat
    as well as facebook
    and authorities may get a warrant to enter either
    be aware of that in life
    also google logs what you searched for
    and pretty much everything else you do with your google account
    so dont search for "how to kill my husband"
    and then do it
    Sent at 11:56 PM on Thursday
    me: I am making a new ad baby
    wife: a new ad!?? for what?
    i love when you call me that:)
    Sent at 11:58 PM on Thursday
    me: taxi
    wife: cool
    me: you know that flat rate book has the towns that are metered rates
    i am targeting all of those towns that sound far
    wife: yeah and its like all wrong
    me: for $77
    to logan
    plus the towns that immediately touch those towns
    wife: good thinkin linkin
    Sent at 12:00 AM on Friday
    wife: Okay back to work I go. I love you. Oh really quick..can't I pay my excise tax online??
    P.S. All these gigantic deposits into my account are going to look AWESOME for FAFSA and IRS huh
    6K in two days. I need to become a hitman I think
    Sent at 12:04 AM on Friday
    wife: qd
    Sent at 12:07 AM on Friday
    me: lol
    I am not sure if there is a way for town we live in
    look for pay excise tax town we live in ma
    or look at the town we live website
    they may be able to do it
    Sent at 12:09 AM on Friday
    wife: I still havent heard back from Heather. Either way Im working tomorrow and I'd like to go with you to visit Ry. Maybe while were there we can stop by the police station and talk to the officer who arrested him or find out who it was at least. Arent police reports public record? Like anybody can go get it if they want to know something, or is that private information?
    Okay we both have excise tax and tickets you lynn 15 bucks prob more now me that 40 one im going to appeal and my excise tax 80 bucks i just paid 120 four months ago awesome
    Sent at 12:12 AM on Friday
    wife: I've invited you to a hangout. Join hangout
    Sent at 12:32 AM on Friday
    wife: we have video chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    me: i saw you
    u look pretty at work
    i dont have a camera
    i kept installing one
    and you kept unplugging it
    wife: oh ya
    lmao thanks
    ur president of america picture came up
    did u see me wave
    me: yes
    wife: this is so cool
    i didnt want u jacking off to some WHORE
    on webcam
    thats why i kept unplugging it
    that monitor doesnt have a webcam
    weird right
    will you do me a HUGEEEE favor
    are you still busy
    hey oh ya i meant to ask you
    um..howcome the gps ALWAYS has to be plugged in...shouldnt it hold a charge? u know there made new touchless ones
    its about time u speak to it where ur going
    and then u say i want to find a gas station
    or i want to change the trip
    and then just say where ur going isnt that so cool
    Sent at 12:40 AM on Friday
    me: what town are you in?
    Sent at 12:44 AM on Friday
    me: did the netspend card cost you money?
    i mean to transfer the $ from your card to mine
    Sent at 12:45 AM on Friday
    wife: lynnfield no its free why
    ive got 3 grand in my account now and 1500 in yours
    me: when i pay pc people paypal charges them or me
    if they have netspend
    no fees
    and i get a better rate
    wife: we should just go sell my car and buy me a new one:)
    ya its free if we do it netspend to netspend
    you used to never be able to do other banks but now you can for 2 bucks
    me: kool
    wife: i think u can receive from other banks too ya thank god its about time
    theyre all slow with the technology
    Sent at 12:51 AM on Friday
    me: {keyword:to Logan $77}
    my phone number | Call Lucky 7
    must book 8 hrs ahead cash price 77
    keyword is replaced by all the cities and towns i put in +taxi or cab or taxi cab
    Sent at 1:01 AM on Friday
    wife: awesome hunny!!!!!
    good job:) im so proud of you
    Sent at 1:03 AM on Friday
    wife: marry in haste repent at leisure
    what does that mean?
    Sent at 1:36 AM on Friday
    wife: nevermind i just googled it
    you dont think we got married too early do you?? we were together about four happy
    Sent at 1:37 AM on Friday
    me: i only want to spend my life with you
    wife: :)
    good answer
    but seriously
    do u think we jumped into it? like to quick
    me: not at all
    wife: i got that saying from the book im reading but im just wondering
    me: I was an am sure
    wife: me neither
    me too:)
    me: even though you drive me fucking nuts
    wife: no more saying you want a divorce! ever again
    its mean
    i drive u nuts cause u love me
    if u didnt love me it wouldnt bother u
    whatever it is that drives u nuts
    u drive me nuts sometimes too but i get mad for a second then i think its cute and laugh because i love u
    Sent at 1:41 AM on Friday
    wife: and im just grateful i met you and grateful youre alive here with me safe and i hope we have many many more years to come of good health eternal love and good fortune i wouldnt want it with anyone else ever
    im starting to get tired and these idiots put me in for 12-4 tomorrow
    im going to be so dead and such a bitch
    whats the point in sleeping ya know what will i get 3 hours
    babe i might need your help figuring this whole hours thing out im getting dippy
    Sent at 1:44 AM on Friday
    me: send me what you actually worked and where
    a day by day
    wife: im doing it now
    and im cross referencing with the communication book because thats proof ive been here
    i love how when i was concerned about not having got all of my money it was no big deal and they just brushed me off but now that they are having problems they can just blow up my fucking phone
    how about my boss still hasnt called me back and that was the weekend i went to ny
    i called her today she never answered
    what the fuck
    so now me the asshole has got to sit here and figure out there mistake
    fucking twats
    Sent at 1:51 AM on Friday
    me: you are probably thinking more about this then they are
    what did gina say?
    Sent at 1:53 AM on Friday

    wife is busy. You may be interrupting.
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    Best post on BHW ever.
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    I wouldn't be able to handle her. Sorry, its just me. Better you than me. More important things in life other than texting and being on the phone all day. Email, ok but being on the phone? Naw.
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    pain in the ass cabbie
    all i have to do is keep her talking and I make adsense money. Im gonna be rich just off the WSO alone.
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    Write a blog for women on "How to Irritate your husband" :p
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    There are softwares that can turn spoken words into text. Try that.
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    Record all those conversation and start a podcast.

    If your wife is good looking then there will be perverts to listen to every BS she says. ;) Keep posting some hot pics of her and update a twitter account and you will have huge following.
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    pain in the ass cabbie
    I was working through this whole convo.. on top of this she sent me like 6 texts and 3 emails.

    I read before about people feeding their gmail into a blog. There is a way to download all the texts from your phone . I need a way to record all my phone calls. Now feed in her facebook.

    This is BHW we can do this. At the very least it will be one hell of an autoblogging experiment.
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    Tell her, instead of emailing you, she could write a blog post and you would monitor it and reply back.
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    I feel your pain.
  15. silentthunder

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    In the pink
    Chip her when she's sleeping. Record all that stuff and pimp a viral blog about
    Wives Who Talk a LOT! :p


    chips hurt


    loving wife sees blog and divorces you..

    Most of all. You guys are Seriously in <3
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    Start a website about $hit your wife says. :p
  17. blackfairy

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    LMAO I always thought I was talking much. But compared to your wife, I'm a quiet person :D
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    Record her 24/7, even a small device will do -> Dragon Naturally Speaking -> Sell as PLR / Use as Random Tweets to dilute your S.P.A.M ehm, your campaigns :D Plan B. make a deal with Apple and redirect part of Siri traffic to her pretending it's you asking, might turn out gold... :D
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    You can ask her to do Youtube video or voiceover. If she talks a lot then voiceover for the video is best thing you can do to harness her natural talent. Females are great for boosting the brand. Gossip always goes viral remember? :D
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    pain in the ass cabbie
    OK lets do this..

    I need to know how to feed gmail into a wordpress blog and keep the posts scheduled. Big plus if I can also feed in gchats and use a wordswitcher so when it detects words it swaps them for other words or phrases.

    Next I need a way I can plug my android into my pc and it turns all my texts into .txt files. There are ways to slowly upload content from your desktop into wordpress.

    How do I import her facebook and twitter text only?

    Also need to find an app to install on her phone as well as mine that will record all her calls without her knowing that I can pull onto my pc. Ill run them through dragon and turn them into text files.