My wife just left me...

two months for making enought money for your family via come...??? IM is'nt magical's hard work to stick with it... just do IM for a sideline..get real job..
You played the game and you lost, its probably not for you, get a real job and if you still want to get into IM do it as a hobby.

We'll said. Right now, I'm working full time for an agency. I do all this in my spare time. Will I ever make enough to quit my job, no, probably not. But if anything, I love doing this, and it's more of a hobby for me.

Just work on it in your spare time. That's what i do, finally made my first 100 bucks from adsense. Nothing big by any means, shit, even if I didn't make anthing, it's like I said before, it's a hobby.

So get your ass up, and go get your wife and children. I have a wife, and 2 little girls. Can you image what my wife would do if I quit my job and tried to pay the bills from IM? She'd kick my ass from here to there like it's the cool thing to do.
Listen up ,mate, and remember these words:

This may sound harsh but I DO NOT mince words and I do NOT make apologies for that. If there is something I think someone needs to hear then I tell them, so here goes:


What I mean by this is that its not over unless YOU want it to be

DO NOT go down the road of playing sunday father and all that shit. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET BACK WITH HER


Think, seriously man. This is THE REST OF YOUR LIFE you are talking about

What I would do , if I was you is this (it worked for me)

Get a PART TIME JOB. Do your IM on the side, but tell her it is just a hobby, that you are not expecting to make money from it. There is LOTS of money to be made, you just need the right formula, and there is HEAPs of those, right here

The reality is, while you are employed, you have a financial wall to fall back on and your ability to provide is NOT dependant on your IM efforts

The other thing is, all the learning curves you WILL need to go through, in order to MMOL (make money on l. . . .) IS heaps, and it WILL take time, but the truth is that if you stop, NOW, then only one thing is certain. You will NEVER succeed

My friend - KEEP GOING. Have a break, sure, but pick it up, later. Sought out your personal affairs FIRST. Use the power of forgiveness first. Tell her you are sorry if you built up any unrealistic expectations in her, about making $$, but tell her also that you had to give it a shot or you never would have known. Tell her also that you intend to maintain an interest, in what does happen online, but that you will tone it down, say to 2 hours a day, or something, and that you will find a (yes I hate this part too) J.O.B (justover broke, or just obey boss).

DO NOT allow ANYTHING to kill the entreprenurial spirit you obviously have inside you. But you MUST find a way to get your marriage back on track. THink of your children. I grew up in a one parent family, always wondering about my dad. It was horrible. I re attached at age 28, but there was the childhood stuff I missed that I will NEVER have again. Neither will he!. Do this, man, if not for your wife, then do it for your children

Hope this REALLY helps!!!
Watch some videos to get some inspiration. Honestly you just have to 'hustle'. 90% of the people on this forum are here for a reason. We want to learn, share, exchange, make money and say fu to everyone who says you can't make money online.
It's hard - it took me a few years to dig into everything and learn. and im still learning. Anyone can make money online - it takes Time - a lot of time and a small niche.

keep you head up
Dilussion, don't ever quit mate, most important thing for you right now is to First get focused, number one task is to rejoin the "matrix" and get a job.

Second and a key component is to focus on one quality method and only that method until you master it "focus and bust your ass every single day." ( don't try to do a million things at once you will get overwhelmed and wont get what you want accomplished)

Third -What do you want from this? financial freedom, wealth? etc you need something powerful enough to keep you motivated no mater what, right it down Have an overall picture goal of what you want and break that down into smaller steps that you can accomplish everyday keep it simple.

Fourth - Take Action, be consistent turn off the television, if need be the forums as well make sure your first task of the day is working on IM even if its something small, track it start small and build up.

Remember your goal here man, if your a fat lard weighing 350 pounds dont expect to run 20 miles over night or lose 200 pounds in a month. This is a life style and you have to work at it make it a habit and you will succeed with out a doubt.

P.S. "All the info you need is at your disposal your now at a crossroads my friend, and you have a simple choice to make This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and we'll show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes."

Dilussion "sooner or later you're going to realize just as I did that there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path."
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I guess I will refrain from posting my adult frienfinder stats. Seeing almost 7 figures would probably push you over the edge.

However, when my wife left... I was doing the happy dance after the initial shock was over and I realized what a blessing it really was.
For better or worse, not for as long as I am comfortable. That is on her. Look this is not just a hobby as much as it is the future. In the future this will be the last refuge for the free enterprise minded. We are still on the ground floor of this baby. In not too long there will not even be computers as this will all be holographic. If you want to be independent and happy, stick with it. Remember, "They" said Burt Reynolds could not act and Tom Brady had a weak arm. My advice is to ignore "They".
1) what kind of experince you have ?
2) there are tons of web-lancer sites that offer differrent kind of work
3) webmaster forums where you can find anything like managing a webmsites, designing, posting etc

good luck
dude you are not a failure, you've ONLY been here 2 months. you are trying to learn a full curriculum with its own terminology and concepts. you are trying to climb mount everest in 1 day and its nearly impossible. most of the earners here have invested years in just the learning and trial and error alone. i been here since 2007 and only started making money last oct. but my situation is different because i dont have a wife and kids. in fact im lucky that i can still live at home inorder to learn this.
go work for a cpa network and learn all the best secrets then use them or share them here or do freelance work on the computer?
I was hired for someone to make translations, I was paid 3 or 4 times, and then I was asked to do a batch of 100 translations, to which after I delivered 50% of them, I was never paid for again, after that I lost my faith in freelancing and also, it seems that I was "lucky" to have been hired that one time, because prior to that situation, I have been posting in freelancing sites for a very long time, and have never been hired, I was probably hired so easily by that guy, because he had intentions to scam me along the line.

I agree with what many of you say, I should never have left my job for IM, but I read this forum so much, I read so many success stories, I have never seen a post of anyone genuinely arguing that an IM carreer was a bad choice, that I instantly figured, that this was it for me, I thought, I know a lot about computers and internet, I'm a fast learner and I have a high motivation in making this work, at that time for me it was just like changing jobs, I was quitting a job and joining another, but it seems things are not as linear as that, and that hard work on IM will not always make you money.

Luck plays a big role on this, at least that's what I've come to perceive.

And I'm usually not a lucky guy.

Hey bro, don't be so insecure.

No disrespect. But in my honest opinion your wife is a bitch and you should never even consider getting back together with her. Fuck her, if she's such an asshole to leave you, then let her go. Let her fuck herself. Your kids will be proud of you one day when you're full of cash, making a bunch of money online, driving a Porsche and even your wife will be right there asking you to forgive her and be together again. Don't be stupid then and accept her apology, if she is not loyal and by your side when you need her - then she is not good for marriage.

Here's what I would do if I was you.

First I would go to and buy that book, read it and then understand that you shouldn't have gotten married with that woman in the first place.

Next, I should grow some balls, become a man. Go to and listen to Player Supreme podcasts, listen to Tony Robbins, do some self help, go read get some confidence, watch The Secret, become more positive.

Don't be stupid, don't quit on this. You've only been doing it for 2 months, what are you going to do? Go beg your wife to come back? Are you that pathetic? You have to take control of your life and not let some women hold you by the balls, be a man. Get your shit together. You didn't make any money online because all you wanted and all you focuse on was the money. Focus on helping people and offering value. Give 100%, give your best, be persistent and don't give up. Because if you give up - you lost.

The WORST thing you can do now is quit. The ABSOLUTE WORST you can do is go and beg your wife to get back to you. She will lose all respect for you as a man, and she will certainly find another guy to have sex with if she already didn't.

Once you've worked some on your confidence, get to work and keep pushing until you're making 5000-10000$ per month online, stay persistent, push yourself. It's possible! Anything is possible. Never ever give up, and never allow someone to take your balls again like this idiot wife of yours. Don't let anyone ever tell you that you can't do something.

doing fine?

I don't think making $20 in a entire month, working 7 hours a day on IM can be considered as doing fine, $20 won't even pay my internet bill, plus I can't even get paid because this affiliate only pays when you reach $50.

At this moment I feel like a utter and complete failure.

And go watch Fight Club. Then go to fastseduction dot com
Wow I am sorry bro. As for the relationship, thats pretty lame if she left you because of IM. She doesn't sound like a very supportive partner to me. As for making money, keep at it. As discouraged as you are right now, you can't let it keep you down. I'm a complete noob and I am making cash online because of BHW. Maybe not as much as I would like, but it is enough to help out. And I will be making more once I get a few of my other schemes in order. A bit of personal advice to you from me... This is a quote that I heard a month ago and started living by. It is very true and opened up a whole new world in my life. "Every problem has within it a gift. Look for and find the gift and your whole life will change". Think about it, and live by it. And keep at IM! Don't try, do!

Best of luck to you.
yeh i can relate. whenever i share with people my projects and how big they are, they are always putting them down, just because they got their little hamster brains and their 9 to 5 office jobs.
Check out his past post:
To Dillusion,

When I first met you on that thread I thought I saw someone very similar to myself... That was why I recommended you to NOT to go to the path I went in the past...
Around 9 years ago, when I enrolled into university, I was a total fucked-up...
At that time I was heavily depressed, I took the easy way (I did not know that there was no easy way)... I would not elaborate to anyone what the easy way is (it is humiliating to me)...

Going to the present time, I have my own business and I am making decent amount of money from my business... Not a single bit of my business is online, it is 100% OFFLINE, unrelated to IM... True, I make decent amount of money BUT I work my ass off from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday, Sunday is half-day...

I found BHW by accident, I read a lot of threads in BHW and persuaded that IM is my ticket for my big break... That big break has NOT come yet BUT for the last several months I have learned a lot, not only IM but also many things... My current online earnings is pathetic, well below my OFFLINE earnings but I try to improve...

Some people I know see me as a success... I am quite a success in my OFFLINE business as well as share/ETF investing for the past 5-6 years... What they don't know is that I have failed on a lot of my business ventures... I have also encountered a lot of difficulties in my current business... I have seen a lot of people gone bust in the business world... Strange but true, what works for other people might not work for you... It is a cruel reality that I have come to accept over time...

Whatever you do in life, don't blame on other people for your failure... I once blamed other people for my failure, little did I know my failure comes from within myself...

My advice:
Find a job, reconcile with your wife and kids, find peace with yourself, find exactly what you love to do and live your life to the fullest, know that the grass is no more greener on the other side (the grass is green because they spray the grass green while in reality the grass is dying from draught)

IF you still want to do IM allocate a MAXIMUM of 2 hours per day and focus on free methods

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You know this feeling of giving up happens to us all. ...Especially when we first start out. But this difficult time is what separates dreams and goals. Do you want to just be a dreamer or a goal achiever? This time right now is what is going to make you or break you.
I know about how you must feel when a marriage is at the end and kids are involved.... Been there, done that,.... paying child support.
You have to keep your mind focused on moving forward .
You can not change the past , so you may as well stop beating yourself up about it.

There is alot of advice/comments in this thread , but ultimately you have to decide for yourself what you want to do.

IMHO the smartest move you have right now is to get a 9-5 so you can put yourself in a position to move in whatever direction you decide.
Either way your family situation turns out you will need to be financially stable , whether its child support or getting back together.
If this whole IM life was just a "dream" for you , then maybe you should just learn something from this life experience and move on with your life, but if it was truly your goal to be successful online then do like others have said and study/train/practice you IM skills as a hobby, find something that works and STICK TO IT! That is the key , PERSISTANCE !

People are giving you some good information here.
It`s up to you whether to put it into action or not.

The second I get my first $20 i'll be doing a happy dance. Really, dont go into something risky if you have that much to lose. Personally I think your first mistake is having something to lose. But don't ask me, I'm just a noob! It sounds like you were too hype drunk to think properly....
Instead of quitting I suggest you get advices from those experienced. I have found some who have guided me and as a college student I'm earning and studying at the same time. 11 months of being a freelance writer now and I'm still liking it. I know there are other opportunities there aside from writing but I settle for this for now since it is what I know. I don't have much spare time to learn something new. At my 3rd month of being a freelance writer, I was able to hire some writers of my own as well to help me with projects. Just keep going. True failure is failing to truly try. Be strong my friend! Things will work out in the end. God bless!
You need to invest money to make money. I don't know what your skills are, but I highly recommend a farm of blogs. This is what is making me money at the moment its alot but its not enough for me to quit my day job.

Have faith.

1. get out of the house and get a job
2. use that almost maxed out credit card to get flowers (nice ones from a florist!)
3. let her know how much you appreciate her and tell her how you're getting back on track
4. get out of IM until you have time to fit it into your life. most don't have IM incomes, they have IM suppliments for their fun money first!
1. get out of the house and get a job
2. use that almost maxed out credit card to get flowers (nice ones from a florist!)
3. let her know how much you appreciate her and tell her how you're getting back on track
4. get out of IM until you have time to fit it into your life. most don't have IM incomes, they have IM suppliments for their fun money first!

DO NOT GO BACK TO YOUR STUPID WIFE... She is NOT marriage material. You fucked up in the first place. Keep on doing IM, stick with it, get money, get a new hotter normal girlfriend, take control of your life and stop being a pathetic loser that goes begging his wife to come back... you DONT NEED HER AT ALL.
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