My webstore is not showing up on search engines!!

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by InsaneTX, Mar 29, 2010.

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    hi , i have been here for awhile i recently retired from black hating and I'm really done with it after getting legal threats. Well i recently came up with an idea on a website store. I went through go-daddy and created a quick shopping cart - got my ssl - and etc.

    OK here is my problem, I submitted my website to about a hundred search engines already, google , yahoo, msn etc. Well i cant figure out why my website wont show up on the results at all. I got me some google ad words and those are working but my website is still now showing up in google.. it doesn't make much since to me. I know that "spiders" have to find your website before it gets indexed or something like that. What I really need help with though is finding " back links" I've heard allot about them and I kind of understand that it helps you get indexed faster.

    BUT WERE THE HELL DO I GET BACK LINKS FROM? i don't understand!!!
    my competitors are poping up on first page of large search engines within a few days!

    OK well if anyone can help me out with this topic i would appreciate it because i am a complete noob to SEO . thanks