My Website + Your SEO or Traffic = at least $3 per 1,000 views guaranteed for you!

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    I'm looking to share advertising revenue if you can provide legitimate traffic to my news & entertainment blog. For the right person, at a minimum, you'll receive $3 per 1,000 views of an article on our site. And this has nothing to do with you needing ad clicks or anything of that nature.

    We need primarily U.S. traffic. And it has to be traffic that can be tracked by Google/Wordpress Analytics and not some 3rd party or unverified stat source.

    This would be a perfect fit for someone who has the ability to provide tons of social media traffic via Facebook and Twitter especially.

    For the right person with a huge social media following, you may be able to make $30-$100 per tweet or Facebook post.

    And what if I was to tell you that there's a way for you to do all of this on autopilot if you have social media accounts with lots of LEGIT followers?

    This partnership would also be a perfect fit for SEO marketers as well who knows the ins and out of online marketing.

    I can and am willing to share reports from Analytics/Adsense proving the money that you made through your efforts.

    Looking for at least a 30 day partnership up front and then we can take it from there.

    If you're interested in trying the partnership out for a week, I'm open to it before we go all in. And then at the end of that week, I can share with you report for you to make a decision on whether to go forward or not.

    You must detail where your expected traffic is coming from as it must be legitimate traffic (such as social network traffic) as I am not trying to have my advertising accounts banned. Traffic must be able to be seen by Google Analytics.

    Please be as detailed as possible so that I can make as well informed a decision as possible.

    I'm looking for ONE but no more than THREE people for this position. I need the number of slots to be as minimal as possible in order to properly track things the best way possible.

    You will be promoting my website which is a hybrid site similar in vein to VladTV,, Worldstar, etc. It's also an entertainment portal as well where we're trying to specialize in getting viral news content circulated out there on the web.

    My site is an highly professional site with good content and has good page rank.

    I'm willing to share link to my site for you to evaluate, only to those who are really interested.

    I really feel that my site has 25-50k monthly minimum potential for the right person or people.

    So what I'm offering is potentially up to 50k a month without you lifting a finger. You just need to have the type of accounts or knowledde I'm looking for.


    About myself:

    - I'm a web publisher with over 7 years curating news and managing writers.
    - Myself and the site is US based.
    - My adsense account is over 5 years old and I'm paid monthly on the regular.
    - My RPM earned on site ranges between $5 and $9. Looking to apply for a few more ad networks to take this number higher.
    - CPC varies as well.

    What I'm possibly looking for:

    - SEO strategists and marketers who know how to target an bring traffic in the right way through legit methods.
    - People with Facebook pages with lots of followers who no longer have Adsense
    - People who use ChaCha, MyLikes, or other similar sites and aren't happy with the results.
    - People who dont use their fanpages actively and is basically throwing money away

    What I'm offering:

    - You can check earnings live on my screen. I'll also email you reports straight from Google showing you the money being earned from your traffic.
    - I can send you regular payments (Google is net 30, but I can send you the money before that only if the traffic is there. We'll come to terms on that.)
    - Transparency. Although I know many of us would rather be discreet with our identities, I promise to disclose who I am fully to you. And once you see site, you will see that I'm not trying to hide from anyone.
    - I take the risk of losing my advertising accounts, you just have to sit back and wait.
    - Willing to draw out contract

    Why am I offering this?:

    Mainly because I feel my site should be making more money. I get tired of seeing garbage sites such as Worldstar pull in all the dough and not sites like mine. I also need more money to fund my internship program and other initiatives that I'm currently running. I would like to send my writing interns away on trips to cover certain events and right now I'm financially strapped to do so. I also need more money to fund a couple of web series that I want to do for site.

    When responding, please tell me how you plan to get traffic to my site whether it's Facebook or Twitter and please give urls and I will then do the same.

    Also, STATE YOUR DESIRED REVENUE TO BE EARNED PER 1,000 VIEWS. Keep in mind that traffic must be able to be seen by Google Analytics. The reason for this is that I have seen traffic sold on this site to boost Alexa rank and not much more than that. And that type of traffic can't be used for our purposes.

    Only series inquiries please. We'll discuss tracking methods later if selected. We also offer a revenue share program to with our writers and have a Wordpress plugin to track their stats and earnings. If we have to, we'll create you an account as well, give you a handle and then fill your handle with articles that you'd promote similar to MyLikes.

    Also open to giving you access directly to all traffic and site reports if you bring in the traffic. :)

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