My website (with proven conversion and profit) needs your SEO skills!

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    Around 2 months ago I started a website reviewing Clickbank and Amazon products in a certain niche. It has good on site SEO, the articles were written by myself and I also invested in an SEO-pack from BHW. For some low search keywords it has reached 5th spot on Google. With only around 20 visits per day: On Clickbank it already had 3 sales totalling at 112$ and 1 rebill sale which gives around 8$ monthly. On Amazon, i got 3 sales so far totalling around a hefty 4$! Anyway, at this point the most important is that it does convert. With more traffic this website could become a gold mine.

    For candidates for this job I'll share the niche and proof of sales through Skype or PM. I am looking for someone who has great SEO skills and who also has proof for at least one sucessfull SEO project. Please also explain what your plan would be to get moore targetted traffic to this site. I will share profit 50/50. For this project I will write articles, share the web 2.0 pages and high PR Tumblr accounts I bought, manage the hosting, do web design work and I will help wherever possible so you can concentrate on doing killer SEO. This really could become a very succesfull JV!

    I'm from Belgium. For payment you should either be able to receive bank transfers for free from my country or have a Paypal account. Payoneer is also an option I can look in to.

    Contact me through Skype: verhoeven.k or trough this forum either in this topic or a PM. I'm not online all the time probably but will reach back as soon as i can.
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