My Website Is Dancing Like A Youth At A Dubstep Concert, On Class A's

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    Please watch the the first 0.40s of this video. Well, imagine from 0.01s to 0.26s was my website sat around 60+, I build some (Pr 4+ around 1500 succesfull - not sure how many active links + Loads of socials on Senuke X) and then after that imagine my website was 0.27s - Well its quite obviosuly the point im trying to make, even if it is a poor demo. LOL But today my website is dancing like crazy! was sat around 60, and the one keyword I didnt build many links for has gone to no.6/7/8 and the one I built alot for it bouncing from 20 to 1000+ What do you think about this? and what would you do now?
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