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My website got hit by new Google animal and may be i know the exact reasons ...

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by raiklee, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. raiklee

    raiklee Newbie

    Jul 19, 2014
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    My website got hit yesterday. I'd like to share some information and my thoughts on this Penguin update.
    Here are some info about my website:

    Traffic before update: ~1200 u.visitors/ day , now ~200 u.v.
    Website starting on late Nov. 2013. Start generating traffic in January. Got ~9000 visitors that month. and increased slowly to ~30,000 U.V per month before the update.
    Total articles: ~50 , no update for couple months.
    W.M.T: yes.
    Google Analytics: Yes.
    Domain whois privacy: yes.
    Backlink strategy: All from my owned PBNs. I also bought 1 seo package (web 2.0, social shares....) to diversify backlink profile in Dec, 2013. That's all.
    Monetization types: Mainly from Amazon Affiliate. (~$500-$700/ month) and i started placing adsense code 20 days ago, and found out that i could earn very well via adsense (~$25/day with CTR 4-5%, Page RPM: $12-$15). Well, if things went smoothly, i could earn ~$1,400/month from this website. But life isn't a dream. All gone after 1 night. :clap2: . (now expecting $5/day from both adsense and Amazon).
    How i was impacted: almost profitable keywords went from Top 5 to Page 5-6.

    First analytics:

    - When checking my SERP on some keywords, i noticed that some long tail keywords (4+ words) are still in Page 1 (even Top 3).
    - All my keywords by exact anchors from PBNs are downed rank to page 5-6. Some downed to page 2.
    - Almost high CPC keywords downed rank to page 5-6 and nowhere. But some inner pages ranked in Page 2,3 with same keywords.
    - I have another website but in different niche to this one, used the same backlink scheme from my PBNs, still survive. But this website niche are low competition and low profit (Adsense Page RPM only $2-$3).
    - All my PBNs domain are still indexed in Google.
    - Some competitors with very high D.A (50 to 99) still rank at their position as before.
    - Some new competitors (started their websites in April to July this year) in my niche still rank in Page 1, with lot of affiliate links from Amazon. They also used PBNs, the same to me. But they don't use Adsense for monetization.

    What will i do next:
    - Wait few days to make sure i got hit by Google. :breakpc1:
    - If nothing change in SERP, i'll start trying some methods to recovery my website.
    - First method in my mind now is to change the downed rank page of my website (URL , may be the content as well) and point my PBNs to new page. (because as i typed above, some of my website inner pages ranked in SERP Page 2,3 with profitable keywords. May be the downed rank page was penaltied or de-valued on high CPC keywords).

    So what reasons do you think that your website got hit by new Google update? And what will you do next?
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  2. tg01

    tg01 Power Member

    Aug 23, 2007
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    In a similar situation with a local Uk business, positions have dropped by 100 positions on average. Sites uses analytics and WMT, although no Adwords / affiliates. KW density on the links maybe a tad high. Have used a couple of services and from SEO clerks, hopefully they can be adjusted / disavowed.
    Potentially it maybe worth going back through your links and changing how the links are built. Else sit, wait and let's see how it all pans out.