My upcoming project for charity!

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    Hello mates, first of all I'd like to introduce myself here, as I've never had a proper introduction on the forum.

    My real name is Christian, a 14 years old webmaster. I've been using the internet for many years, but only recently started actually tried to make money, profit out of it since almost a year - the problem is that I've never had any success - at all. I've used various methods to make money before actually really diving into it, and made about 300$ in three years - I know that's very little, but atleast I still have a very short amount of money left since I've not been clever enough to make any profit out of it, mainly because I'm too impatient, and a cheapskate. Well, everyone was a newbie here before, am I right? :D I've half Asian, half European, and learn in a French school, with English as my second language there. I've never been in the UK before, but I'd love to go to London.

    Anyways, let's jump into the point. I know that charities were something that existed since a very long time, and always made significant changes to poor men and women's lives - but the fact remains the same: it's never really going to be 'fixed' at any time, unless a large amount of the world will actually think of other poor people and think of donate - which unfortunately never really happens.

    My project will be to create a squidoo lens network (because I don't have enough money to buy a bunch of domains ATM), and earn money out of it - putting most of the money into charities. I know this is not a big project, but atleast it's going to be the second time I'd invest my time into helping people that need money much more than we do. This project will be like any other blog networks out there, but this time it will be based upon Squidoo, which MAY have a potential of earning more visitors than small blog networks, mainly because of the large community there always willing to read other people's lenses. The lens network will be 'powered' by BlackHat methods which many of you lovely people have shared on this forum - it is a real gold nugget for anyone who needs help from reputable members and beyond. All the money raised for charities will be aimed at helping people suffering from diseases, thirst, hunger, and most of all, the poor kids that die each day because of malnutrition - or whatever you call it. (I'm not too awesome in English).

    However, I do plan to invest money into that, and will only create that lens after investing a little bit of money into it, therefor I am currently working my ass off to get somewhere near my first 1000$. That may take a month, or even some years - that's all you can expect from a newbie, am I right? Even if the methods on BHW are goldmines, I never had been able to succeed from it, mainly because I lack skills, and dedication. I hope that can be fixed soon if I work even harder - I've already failed so much without succeeding even once.

    This project may be launched somewhere in 2015, or less, if I am able to succeed in IM one day.

    Thank you for reading this post, and may we all wish the best for the people out there that suffer so much from diseases, hunger, thirst, wars, accidents, and so on!