My trick for getting the AC phone activated account for non-US member.


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Feb 1, 2009
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Hello all,
This is my very first post where I share my trick. I have got a lot from BHW forum and this is the time I must give back.
I am an AC non-US member and I got my account phone activated.
I don't know if this method has been shared or not and I don't know if this method would work in your country. It works for me here in Indonesia.

In 1 sentence:
Select your country code first then use your DISPOSABLE handphone number to get your AC account verified.

That is all the trick I use. I do not know if it will work in your country or not. In Indonesia, a disposable handphone number starts at around 90 cents at the current exchange rate.

When I was in Singapore, you can only get a disposable handphone number if you are a tourist and you HAVE to show your passport. This is why I do not know if this method will work in your country.

The only problem is that I do not know if I would get a ban in the future or not. At this time it works. I submit my article and I got paid, although I wait around 7-10 days for my articles to be accepted.

Regards to all BHW members...
Hey all,
First of all I am STILL a newbie in AC and in IM.
I realized that I stumbled upon many asking for AC PVA, even they want to buy from $3 - $10. I just told you how to get your AC account phone activated for less than $1.

Profiteering from selling a good service to fellow members who need it, is respectable. What I did was helping fellow BH member in getting that AC phone activated. Hopefully, I didn't break the nerve of other BH member who is selling AC PVA.

I also realized that doing AC is perfect for someone who wants to get their feet wet into BH IM. You don't need any programming ability and doing AC will teach you how to do the most important thing IMHO in IM which is to outsource.

Hopefully my post can help fellow BHW member.

Regards to all BHW members, you have helped me so much in the past.
@petrucci Just follow this thread, I will post it to BHW whether I would be banned or not. Getting banned it OK IMHO, if you are doing BH, you will need to experience so you could get better each time.

@petrucci Just follow this thread, I will post it to BHW whether I would be banned or not. Getting banned it OK IMHO, if you are doing BH, you will need to experience so you could get better each time.


So.. did you get banned? I'm from Indonesia too
Thanks gilby1!!

I've followed your guide and now my AC account is verified! Never tought it was so easy, LOL

But yeah, getting banned from AC is the risk if we're on BH route :)
thanks for sharing gilby1, but you got me confused, why this works on disposable (pre-paid) phone numbers, not on regular numbers?
I didn't had any problem verifying my account.
Im using simple SIM card number. I hate contracts.

So i just registered, in my account there was a link "Verify", i clicked it.
I got 2 choices, verify by Text message or call. I choose Text message. They already got my country code, i just had to insert my mobile nr and clicked Text Message btn and instantly got SMS with my verification number. I typed it in and voila:

Account verified.
You are now eligible to receive payments.

Let's see when i will be banned.
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so if i use any number then its ok for AC? even an indonesian phone number? but you still have to use a fake address right? btw im also from indonesia
This was already shared by other member here before. It works and you'll never get banned.
I m pretty sure that the topic creator is going to be fished down very soon. Share us whether you get banned or not. The procedure is easy and I hope that it must clean 2.!
The AC people only cover their a... for the taxes and things like that, because they can control the ip of your country, is only a excuse for the taxes.
your post very helpfully, and make me calm.
because i have confuse about 10 hours

How long do you have to wait for authorization? Is it automatic?
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