MY TRIBUTE: PunkWhiteHat $0-$1k/day in 2 weeks time with PPC??!


Nov 7, 2008
Well guys, I've been seeing this thread up for a while now, so I figured i'd share my 2 sides of this story::

GOOD SIDE:::::::
This alancasey4691 guy obviously makes MUCH more than all of us here, so why not leave him alone, and eventually, when he's purchasing South America, we will all know that we should have been a little nicer to this Guru..

BAD SIDE:::::::
Let's rip this guy a new asshole, because DP stinks real bad!!, and we all know he's from DP (probably not) !!!!! And there's no way he makes $1000/day, because that's impossible for a noob!!! (not really)

Let's ream on the other members of the forum because this guy doesn't have enough time to post his findings!!!... Since he's got basketball practice, we'll have to wait for the method tomorrow, and in the meantime, we'll rip up other's!!!

MY SIDE::::::::
Sure, he obviously came onto the forum as an attention whore, trying to get people to pay attention to him in a good way, because he probably saw all the other inspirational threads on here and wanted *that* support, but let's not take the focus from what we're doing with our lives, and focus it on a belief that he will deliver information to thousands of people which will allow those people to make $1000/day ($365,000 a year), in a matter of a week!!?!... If he had something to share, that was of *help*, he wouldn't make the whole community beg for it........ Don't ever bow down in front of a makes them feel powerful

That's my opinion....

Agree 1000%. The worst thing you can do to an attention whore is to ignore them. Just wonder why so many otherwise smart people fell into his trap? Don't know, don't care.

>> Off to make some $$ of my own! :)
Boosey - "Don't ever bow down in front of a makes them feel powerful" - love that! And it's very true. I've taken the time to read all 5 pages of that thread, but haven't commented.

What I find interesting is the ability to see many other member's personality either shine or become shitty, putting the info into memory so that it helps me get a better handle on the one's I want to stay away from.
Call out an attention whore because i'm bored...

I must be in denial or something...,

but THANKS Plouyd n xplicit....
shitty day I guess?!
you haven't seen the "punk whitehat goes from 0-1000 a day in 1 week...

it's been up for a few days... I believe

Check it out....fuckin hilarious!!!.... if you have time, read all the comments too
Those kind of threads should simply be shut down and the op banned no questions asked. Dave started up a thread about BHW's future, and a good choice IMO would be a lot tighter moderation and banning more douches.
I will tell you how to make $1,000 a day from ppc. It's VERY simple!

Spend $10k in one day, and you will make $1k.

I will be selling this through PM for $15 billion dollars and I have 98 review copies available.

(what a joke)
The guy is my god...i mean, i'm a complete noob here and nobody knows who i am. Nobody is talking about me! i'm going to write a 5 page ebook about something i've read here but who will care. Talk is he could sell his version of the same sh1t for over a grand...i'm not worthy...i'm not worthy!

Seriously though...i am writing the book - if you're interested pm me ;)
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