My Three Month Birthday on BHW - Thanks Guys!

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    I know there are a lot of people who are tired of seeing these threads, but I felt like expressing myself about internet marketing with fellow marketers as my audience.

    I went through a pretty rough patch in 2011. I had to take some time off from school, I spent many months without a job, and although I never had to worry about food or money (living with parents) I still felt like I was just outright failing. Every project I tried to do on my own ended with some form of failure, but most times I just lost interest.

    In early January I spoke with an Exec VIP on these boards who mentioned his earnings and the work he was doing. With much debt owed to my parents, I decided I would give it a go. Thankfully, he directed me to BHW to let me read, read, and read. I was well versed in Microsoft office products, places to find streamed content etc., but I did not even know how to register a domain at that point. I was clueless. Starting from scratch with no knowledge of programming or anything (I'm a liberal arts major).

    I have to take a moment and point out that he walked me through a lot of things and gave me examples, his method - the whole deal. Only now do I realize how generous it was of him to help me in the way that he did. More recently he's helped me even more so I am deeply indebted to him.

    So I got to work. And I worked and I read, and I slaved. I wrote articles for free to give back to the community and get a few dollars here and there. I invested poorly, I learned the hard way, but I kept at it. Slowly but surely I clawed my way out of slavery and into indentured servitude... obviously I still have a ways to go, but good things happen to those who wait.

    I am now preparing a BST and I've made some investments within the past week, which I am sure will pay fantastically. I've got websites that are almost ready to earn me a few grand a month.

    Most importantly, I've learned a lot. I've learned a lot about myself, about internet marketing, and about how hard work can truly pay off. For people who are just beginning or have not yet been able to have success, keep at it. Internet marketing is for everyone, but you have to want it badly enough.

    A few tips for those who are just starting out:
    • Success is going to take time - it is very rare to jump into internet marketing and be an instant success. There are so many variables to every aspect of IM. You aren't going to learn them over night. Even if somebody gives you a blueprint for success, that doesn't mean it will work for you. Small things matter in IM and you only learn those small things by spending your time implementing and failing.
    • Don't be afraid to fail - If you have the attitude that a project will fail before you start, then you are already limiting yourself. Why not give it a try? Eventually there will be a method that combines well with what you have already tried. Test, test, test
    • Connections matter - this doesn't mean that you will not succeed if you don't know the right people. Like anything else in this world, connections and networking matter. If you help someone when they need it, then they will help you. Build up your network of friends and grow them into your IM family.
    • Do anything to start - when I started IM I had a part-time job, but I did not spend a penny from that job on IM. I wrote articles for peanuts until I could afford to register domains, purchase backlinks, and invest properly. Starting from scratch is far more fulfilling, but it helps you to keep things in perspective a lot better. After you have worked hard to earn $10 in IM then you will value it far more and invest it wiser. If you have a job that earns a lot of money then you obviously don't have to write articles for peanuts, but start small
    • Remain excited - I have a hard time doing something if I am not excited and motivated to work. Find things that help you remain excited about working on IM. Make it a competitive game - You vs. Google. Do what you have to in order to keep up the motivation. Obviously if you rely on IM to eat then that should be motivation enough.

    Special thanks: To save his inbox I will not out the Exec VIP that has been so helpful, but he is at the top of the list. Here are a few other BHW members that have helped me greatly. There are many more! Marusia, Patel, xziler8r, Taktical, weBay, 44proseries, BassTrackerBoats, joshweaver, skohh, kelso, Raevinn, krzysiekz, and much of the StrongerAds team. Thanks a lot everyone
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    Thank you and you make us all proud. You're on the right path to success and it's a pleasure to call you a friend. :)
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    Thank you for this wonderful and inspiring thread, Brain! You truly are a great guy and friend!
    This thread is something else! Brainstorm is a living example that if you want something bad enough
    and work your ass towards getting then there is really nothing that can stop you from getting it.
    This guy truly worked hard and that work and dedication has paid off.
    All of you, who are starting IM and all of you, who are still struggling at the beginning, you should
    take Brain's example and NEVER GIVE UP!
    Take this example and motivate yourselves, and as I like to say, work hard and smart!
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    I can vouch for BrainStorm. We've been friends for a while, always chatting on skype and stuff. Sharing ideas for methods and what not. In the couple months I have known him, he went from pure n00b to what he is now. Keep it up mayne

    Edit: Your post reminded me of this video:

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    Hey dude. Congrats on your success! You've also been a great help and believe it or not I picked up a few things myself. That's whats great about helping people, you learn more things as you go along yourself. Glad we were both able to find resources in one another :) Good luck with your BST, I have been debating bringing my service over here but I would need a couple VA's first and I really don't like handing off tasks that need quality checks on everything.. Anyways, I'm rambling, this is about you! Cheers buddy!
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    It's been a pleasure meeting and getting to know you, really!

    For you coming into the IM world as a n00b, you've made great strides. Also for the little time that we've known/talked you've helped me with aspects of content writing and a few other ideas that I was clueless about.

    Not everyone knows everything in IM, the CRUCIAL part of brianstorm1's post (IMO) is the importance of building relationships with eachother. And also not the kind that you end up screwing someone down the road like many people have done.

    IM is all about relationships... as brainstorm1 can testify if it wasn't for his encounters/relationship building with some of the people on here he'd be clueless and still wouldn't be at the point where he is now. Yes he had to take initiative to read, read & continue reading on his own (obviously nobody can do that for you)

    I also understand having a 'business/partner/JV/hey buddy' "relationship" isn't the ONLY thing that will make you successful, but it sure as hell helps! You can't do everything on your own, and the time you put into helping someone else out will only get you so much farther ahead. + you never know what strategies and tips someone that you end up talking to, could share and help on your own adventures.

    Relationships turns into friendships and that's awesome :)

    and btw - thanks for the public thanks, you're re-thanked officially :)
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    Nice thread, truly inspirational.
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    It's been good getting to know you as well and I am glad that we could work together on a few things thus far.
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    Congratulations :)
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    Congratulations Brian. I know you will do well in the internet marketing world because of how you approach things! Keep it up.
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    Very well said and it's really great to have you here, your help for newbies like me are really something that we will always remember..thanks :)
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    In this business, connections are everything. Great post, and let those 3 months become 3 years :)