My thoughts on this "Make Money Online" thing.

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by GoldenTiger, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. GoldenTiger

    GoldenTiger Junior Member

    Mar 17, 2008
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    Hey everyone, just wanted to share a few ideas on IM.
    First off, I am definitely not as experienced as many of our senior members here, but have acquired some knowledge I want to share with some noobs here.

    Just a bit of background info about me:

    I have just recently started to get back into making money online. I had first started this before when I was about 15... This was the time before the dot com bubble burst.
    My first way of making money online, was when I found some site (think it was some kind of filesharing or free webhosting thing), that would pay around $2 for every free member that you referred.
    I thought to myself "Hmm.... what if I just created a bunch of fake accounts?" And so I did... Heck, I was 15, and had nothing better to do with my time than just sit in front of the computer, signup with my affiliate link, disconnect the crappy 56k dialup modem when done, and repeat the whole day. Made me about $200-$300 a month, which is still some respectable amount of money at that age.

    Eventually, the site I was working either went belly up or was bought by another company (cant remember what happened to them exactly... and am still surprised they didnt cancel me even though I had a nearly 100% conversion rate... maybe they though some kind of Internet marketing miracle happened in my account or whatnot).

    Continued doing this with some other programs once in a while, until it became too tedious, and I didnt have enough time for it after I started working some real jobs (did computer salesman, tech support, network installation, etc)

    Now I have a relatively decent job as assistant supervisor at a telecom/internet provider company, it makes relatively good money, but nothing spectacular. One of the reasons I started IM again is so I dont need to work as much hours at my regular job, and have more free time for myself.

    Now here is some advice for those new to this:

    - Dont waste your money on those "Make $10 000 a day doing nothing!" ebooks and systems.
    I'll summarize what those ebooks tell you:
    1- Create an account at an affiliate program (then followed by 5 pages which are nothing more than screenshots of the signup process, the author probably thinks you are too dumb to fill out a form...)
    2- Pick a product to promote that has good conversions.
    3- Create a PPC advertising account (again followed by 5-10 pages of screenshots of google... incase you never seen what a search engine looks like)
    4- ??? (the rest is filled with pictures of money, expensive cars, etc).
    5- Supposedly make money.

    Trust me, there is more quality info here on the forum. And besides, if you really want one of those ebooks, they are usually available for free download right here on the forum, or on filesharing programs. No need to waste $50 - $100 on this.
    While its true some of them will bring valuable ideas to you, its probably necessary for you to tweak and change a few things in the method before it works correctly, and in all cases, those methods would be worth maximum $5-$10, not the $100 rang many are sold for.

    - Dont waste time. Yes its important to learn, but staring at the forum for hours, and then looking at your affiliate account and seeing a big goose egg (0) in your commissions, because you didnt actually do anything with the info you read.
    Heres a good suggestion: If you have 2 hrs a day to devote to IM, then spend 1 hour reading the forum or downloading info, the remaining hour actually DOING what you learned.

    - Make a plan and organise yourself.
    I found out that one of the reasons why I wasnt spending enough time doing what I have learned, is because after coming back from working nearly 10 hours at my day job, I wasnt really inclined to do some more "work".

    Here is a tip: Set aside 1 day in the week to do the most "boring" or tedious tasks.
    For that 1 day, prepare and acquire all the "tools" you need (VCC, advertising vouchers, spambot, email accounts, list of fake infos if youre doing signups yourself, proxy list/vpn accounts, videos to watermark, write the ads you intend to run, buy domains/hosting accounts, find which affiliates you are going to promote this week, etc you get the idea).
    Then, for the rest of the week, use the tools you have prepared to execute your plan (upload the videos, post up your ads, etc).
    It will seem a lot "easier" that way.

    - Dont put all your eggs into one basket. It really sucks if you worked hard for 1 month on a project, only to see that the affiliate program kicked you out because you were doing Blackhat.
    Promote several different programs, use a few different techniques, etc at the same time.
    That way, if one thing doesnt work as planned, you can switch your efforts to something that does in a short time.

    - Dont expect people to take you by the hand and explain everything to you.
    The device in your head is called a "brain". Please use it. It is far more powerful than any computer ever invented.
    Dont make "How can I make $XXX in XX days" posts. I used to do that, before I developped a few techniques of my own. I then realised the reason ppl will not share the exact way they make money, is because if too much people do it, it will eventually become saturated, and simply not work for anyone anymore.

    - Set aside a bit of money to invest into your projects. Making money online is a "business". How many businesses you know of were started with $0?? Not many. You dont need to have thousands of dollars either. Most techniques here can be started with less than $100 per month.
    If you really have no money, you can try going to a forum like DP and offer your services to fill out CPA offers for people, write articles, etc. Of course, you wont make $5000 overnight this way, but it can make you a few dollars for some expenses, like buying webhosting, etc.

    - Always keep trying. You WILL face some setbacks, some things will screw up and not work like they should, etc. This is true with ANY kind of business. If a problem arises, make efforts to work your way around it.

    - DO SOMETHING! Again, downloading terrabytes of ebooks and staring at the forums for hours WILL NOT make you any money!

    Hope you found this post useful, I am trying to help in whichever way I can to bring some quality info to the community here.
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  2. tonlilaz

    tonlilaz Executive VIP

    Feb 28, 2008
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    Deleting crappy threads on BHW, making good use of
    Over There
    Home Page:
    knowledge is power
  3. Therookie

    Therookie BANNED BANNED

    Mar 17, 2008
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    I just put a watermark ringtone video on Youtube with my free ringtone site. It is on 50 cent video which had 17 or supposedly so million views.
    How many people have seen my video the first two days you think?

    No I have not got traffic to it I don't really know how to do this but I would have thought some people would have seen it doing search for download free ringtone.
  4. sevenths

    sevenths Newbie

    Mar 15, 2008
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    great post there!

    The most part I like is " don't depend other to tell you what you should do...everything"

    I was like that before. I email most IM and only 1 -2 of them reply to me. May be they think I like most people. But seriously, I really want to make money online on that time. Since then I thought all marketers are just like to play most noob with all their guarantee and promises. But, not all marketers like that. :p

    Now I know why people feel 'scared' to share their success blueprint. The reason , I think they don't want it saturated or that would make them high respect from others also to protect themselves. Well, if I'm success, I will do like that too :D
  5. samloron

    samloron Junior Member

    Apr 16, 2008
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    I like the emphasis on the DO SOMETHING! Some people don't realize as much pretty and knowledgeable a forum you have to actually do something to make money.
  6. booman

    booman Regular Member

    Mar 6, 2007
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    Phenominal post GoldenTiger. Hopefully many others searching for the answers will print and follow your post as their guideline to success!
  7. havokb8

    havokb8 Guest

    You have to upload in mass quanitites, also where do you think your youtube video ranks in google for the kw free ringtone? Im guessing 100000000th, which would explain why you had no clicks. If you really think it would be that easy to just watermark 1 50 cent video and upload it to youtube and make a lot of money, dont you think everyone would be doing this?
  8. AnImALmoTheR

    AnImALmoTheR Junior Member

    Feb 27, 2008
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    to give a tip on this i would say that you have to specialize, what i mean is that you concentrate on one typ of IM, for example PPC and learn everything about that, and when doing it, you can try different techniques/programs...

  9. heranesti

    heranesti Newbie

    Feb 28, 2008
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    I used to have same thought but now i know it is wrong.

    Knowledge is not power. Application of knowledge is Power.
  10. GoldenTiger

    GoldenTiger Junior Member

    Mar 17, 2008
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    Wow, am glad to see the positive response to my thread.
    Hope many people found it useful.

    Yes, thats a true. What I meant was that you shouldnt just use ONE type of IM technique. Try out several ones, in case seomthing stops working, you can do the others instead.
    After you find a few methods that you are interested in and that seem to work after a few tests, A good way to apply this would be:
    For the next week, you use PPC advertising.
    Then the next week, you upload videos.
    Then the next one, you use craiglist.

    That way, you have multiple streams of profits.
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