My Suggestion On How To Get Your Old Youtube Channel Design Back

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    First, watch this:

    Now, there are 3 ways to participate:
    #1. Unlist Your Channel & Private Videos [totally invisible]
    #2. Unlist Your Channel & Unlisted Videos [can't have any strikes for this option - totally invisible]
    #3. Keep Your Channel Listed & Private/Unlisted Videos [display a Unlisted default video on your Listed channel]

    Most people are going with #3 which is really the best most effective choice. The other two choices are for the people who are really really pissed off and just don't care anymore but still want to help

    Tell Google How You Feel @

    Download the DoNotTrackPlus Add-on for Mozilla @

    Check This Out!

    To: Eric Schmidt,Executive Chairman of Google;
    Salar Kamangar, CEO of YouTube;
    Margaret Gould Steward, Director of User Experience;
    Noam Lovinsky, Group Product Manager;
    Sheshir Mehrotra, Vice President of Product Management;
    Robert Kyncl, Global Head of Content;

    Last but not least - feel free to re-post this video. Thanks
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