My success with YouTube Advertiser

Arby: V3 will be out?

Sort of.. Well instead of releasing v3, we decided to implement the new functions in v2 first so we can beta test it and make a smoother transition once we are confident that the functions are bug free. We're also adding wizards to help new users, among other features that will be rolling out this month.
Thanks for the reviews.

I look forward to using this soon. Does your link include a BHW discount?
First of all, let me just clear that I (in behalf of my company) didn't ask for reviews. But they are certainly greatly appreciated. :)

To the OP and everyone else who provided their reviews

This is exactly the reason why we wake up everyday looking forward into improving the software and and eager into giving everyone the best possible service.

YTA has endured a lot, and some of them are because of my bad business decisions. The good news is that we got our act together. And ever since I got a team of developers whose only job is to update yta, everything has been smooth sailing.

Anyway, YTA will be rolling out a lot of additions and new features for you all to enjoy this month,, so watch out for that. I'm sure you all would be very very busy making a ton of money with a bigger arsenal of youtube marketing weapons. :)

Hopefully, I can get a BST thread open by next week so that we can provide an even better service for people in this wonderful community.

Thanks again everyone,


Hey Arby,

Check your email and skype. I have been trying to get a hold of you to buy your software.

When do you plan on releasing the Account creator. I may be interested in it. ;)
nice congrats with your success with yta, same here ive been using yta for a months, this software made me alot of bucks every month
I am buying YTA as Spk bots are always outdated and doesn't have a good customer service at all and is very ignorant. So, yea YTA is best on the market so, you shouldn't buy anything than YTA if you are looking for a Good Successful bot.
Hey Youtube advertiser aka Arbee,

Please check your email. I have been trying to get a hold of you and your team.

Ok first off no one payed me to right this, I did it on my own time because I had nothing better to do

Second, YouTube is not 'dead'. YouTube is full of potential customers for your products that you guys are offering them.

Third, My turn around time was a few days after purchasing YTA, you just need to know some basic marketing strategies.

Thanks for the review on your experience with YTA. YT marketing is not dead at all. Will look into YTA once I get verification it works with 64-bit Windows 7.
Hey, this post gives me hope because YTA sounds like exactly what I want. I am running a legit youtube page and want more traffic, primarily through comment liking.

If I were to use around 100 accounts would YTA be sufficient in not getting my main account banned? Also any tips with proxies? I would greatly appreciate pointers and am willing to pay you or someone to explain if its extremely complicated.
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