My success story. 500k/month.

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    Resrouces: Dan kennedy,(download everything (videos), CPA tsunami, ALl of frank kern= copy of dan kennedy =translated in im world , Jordan Belfort= REally important ) AND THINK AND GROW RICH.

    AS one of the members asked for resources. Here couple of them.

    Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea....~ Swami Vevekananda

    Reason im posting and repling to all posts. Because its chrismas a very special day. TOday i said to my self i will not work and try to give the key that opend my doors to my freedom.

    People who clicked on this because of the 500k number dont Read.
    People who clicked because of "my success story" Dont read.

    People Who just clicked cause They Read eveyr topic and thread read.(those people have a plan and will succeed)

    This thread is a long thread. Read it fast. Remmeber Money Doenst wait, happyness doenst wait neither, and neither freedom does.

    Change the way u think, the way i breathe, the way u make love to your wife or GF, Think like a rich man. (And your world will change)

    If you Continue to live the way u always did, NOthing will change.

    My english sucks, But im free, I can learn, Im BLackhatter. (Pattern interupt)= Understand Pattern interupt= ifu dont know what it is.

    If u dont like this, Dont read, It means ur not ready for it and will always envy other people.

    I call myself Blackhatter, other calls me the drugdealaer for the reasons only blackhatter would understand. The hunger for freedom is the reason the man i became, the man that everyone wants to be, the man that just wants to be free. A blackhatter. The freedom from rulles and fears makes me feel im alife. Withot risks and failing a man can not be free. How can u be free if your mind is limiting you by the fear of losing everything u have worked for years and by one mistake drop the GOOGLE rankings? How can u be free if you are scared your paypal will be banned and closed? How can you be free if your scared your affilate manager find out about your cookie stuffing and hiding tracks?
    As a blackhatter i build empires everyday even tough i lose some soldiers (Websites, accounts, rankings) The hunger from freedom is bigger then the fear, bigger then money.
    We dont give up , We are Free.
    Giving up means losing my freedom, Limiting my beliefes that i can not rebuild the empire i lost after building for years.
    As a Blackhatter WE WILL build an empire whenever its taking down by people controled by fear.

    Blackhatter dont give up, Blackhatter RECREATE THE WHEEL every single second.

    Word from the Author (lol) : I chose for this passion to be free. To work anywhere, everywhere. Now how can u be free if follow the rulles u cant? Thats makes us blackhatters. it's not about the money for real, its about the freedom. To do what u wanna do and think whats right is more worth then the money.

    My story: If u read my other posts u will notice i was a noob. And will see i dont post alot.
    What i have done: I sold my car, got a hosting. I have read almost whole blackhatworld thread by thread making notes in one month. I created my book of blueprints. In one month i learned more then most learn in one year? Why ? Because I dont have limiting believes.
    If you can create the wheel then u can recreate the wheel rounder. It doenst matter how round it is . Remember there is no perfection. Remember u dont have to wish , dream or whatever.
    My key to success: Taking action and putting the F*kng Site up, and starting promoting.
    Now this is not what u wanna hear from me do you? U want to know what i did , which tools i used, bla bla bla !!!!! ANd thats what makes u stupid. U want to know things because u see im where u dream to be. A millionair. !
    Now , because this forum posts where the reason where im now: I told myself I will give the best out of me once i reach my goal. (TO be free )

    U see , back then i tought why the hell should someone come to a forum and post a sucess sotry if he makes alot of money? He wouldnt care about US, YOU , ME.
    Now i understand why : BEcause they are FREE. You dont feel like abusiness man (fake feeling, just forget about this) THey F*ing do it because they are free and they can.
    Now my friends u dont know me, but i do know you and i know what u want.
    I promise If you follow what im going to tell you today u will get what you want.
    I dont have a product , affilate link or whatever. If you read this post entirly then there is somthing in you thats bigger then the hunger for money. (freedom) => THen u will succeed!
    Steps: STEAL Think and grow rich of napoleon hill. (DOnt buy ) STEAL IT , DOWNLOAD IT. (i used audio cd's and read the book 189 times)? Why ? because im stupid ? No Because everytime u read u see it as a movie and the more u read the more your imaginaiton start sto wake up in you and makes u CREATIVE. IT wakes up your CREATIVE BRAIN that now its sleeping. REMEMBER If you dont have an idea , and not a plan, YOu dont have anything.

    Thinking out of the box ?? bla bla : >DO IT! But u cant cause your right brain is sleeping!

    Wake it up ! READ THE F*ing book ! Make it your life. If you read it and u didnt like it then become a designer or data entry guy or something.
    Most importnat step. While you are reading u will get your ideas. U need a notebook. BIG ONE atleast 100 pages. Cause ur going to write down what u are going to do and tihnk about it every day. YOu really can think and grow RICH.
    (im talking about a paper notebook )
    READ ThE ENTIRE FORUM. AND NOTE THINGS u tHINK its important. Things u didnt know and u learn by reading.

    AS matter of facts I HAVE WHOLE THIS FORUM PRINTED . U know why ???
    Everything is temprory in life LIKE FAILurE. I print it 3 copies of whole forum and every new thread i let it print. (Because later when im married.(soon) I want my son to read it and he will read it !

    WHat will he learn ?? Not the methods as they are going to be outdated, but something will never get outdated. THe key to success. He will spot the losers. (i was one ) He will spot the weak people. (he will spot out the strong people) and will understand I gave him everything he needs. BLackhatworld is a communuty of people. Admins use it to make money. People= Wealth but as a observator u have the world in your hand to learn and understand how it goes.

    By reading u will understand and see everyone is going to the same pattern. The ones who dont do =>succeed. I hope u understand this.
    Success can not be taought. U need to find your own path , beleive in it, U need to be so fF*ing Strong to know it cant fail, EVEN IF ITS 2012 and world is going down u will still succeed.

    Money is in the mind, Humans created the money! It's something u can RECREATE.
    U noticed, Im not talking about any technical stuff. The ones who are pissed and think this topic sucks are the ones who are looking for my secrets and methods. Those iwll never succeed. Because they are looking for my methods , they are not looking for their freedom.
    I will give them, do not worry. Reason i will give them in the hope u will understand u didnt actually need them and will learn something about this thread. Tomorrow i may be gone but if i can make some people getting their freedom I can RIP.

    REALLY imortant.
    You heared about the 80/20 Rule. Now there is somethinf i want you to do for me if u have time. Just wrtie a reply if u did understand this rule like im going to explain.

    It says 80% of your efforts will give you 20% results. 20% of your effors will give you 80% resutls.

    It does not mean u just need to work 20% and get 80% resutls.
    i will try to explain it by an example. Lets say ur studing in college.(im graduated in economy, i burned my degree cause i made me feel shitt ) (not free) = Cause they put a name on me: ECONOMIST; MANAGER. Im not a manager IM FREE. F THEM. (u tihnk im crazy? no im not. YOu are if u dont feel this stuff, and understand.
    SO again: You are studing in university and u need 5 years to complete it.
    If u get into 4th degree, U did 80% of efforts but your resutls are actally 20% cause u dont have your degree yer and u need to finish it by working the 20% =one year.
    So now u have worked 80% =4years and earned 20% of resutls. By finishing your last year (5th) U will do 20% of efforts and get the 80% of results +20% of results u already had by studing for 4 years.

    What does this mean?? It means u can not give up, and let a project unfinished or whatever.
    I call them finale magic touch. FINISH the damn tihng ,whatever u do. If you are breaking with our GF do it like a blackhatter. Make here feel happy she is free from you instead of breaking her heart. NOw thnk, how can u do it ? Well this is what i mean putting the 20% more efforts then just tihnking sorry im dumping you or whatever;
    . Lets project this on IM world. YOu are building a website that u are going to promote cpa offers. Everytihng is done execpt one thing. U dont really have a releationship with your affilite manager. NOW GET THAT BEFORE U START. U see? It's seems like 20% of efforts u dont want to do it because ur a scared of i dont know what. Just F*king do it ! GO talk to him , ask questions become invloved in your business. DO this eveyday. Make him hate you because you talk to much. THEN start whatever you do.

    Trust = key in cpa. If they trust you , ur are more (FREE AGAIN) to do yor blackhat stuff.
    80/20 rule= my key to sucess. TO understand Where is the end. TO understand DId i really done everyhthing? This rulle means there is no Between ,IT has to be complete 100%.
    This rulle is an indicator: DOnt start anything unless u know what u do totally til 100%. PLAN, FInish the plan. TAKE ACTION and execute the plan LIKE u planned.

    USE THE NOTEBOOK PLEASE IM BEGGING U. It looks like its pathetic to use and write , NO its not.

    You my friend are an Author, an artist, u create. U want to create your FREEDOM u dont have at the moment (free from financiale shitt )
    Put it on paper.

    U hear always never give up bla bla.
    BUt the REAL problem is YOu dont see when u give up.

    Cause 90% of people think they are the biggest Mot F*king guys who never give up.
    Remember: NOt taking action and executing your IDEA is giving up. NOt finish your idea or project is giving up. SO try to see and understand what is giving up.

    I learned ENGlish in 3 months. (It still sucks) But i will make it better. Im doing my best everyday. (HOw did i learnted? )
    I download the best movies i never get bored. (80 movies) I watched them over and over and over again without subtitels) and also did some gramatical stuff(still working on it).

    One last thing.
    Why do you think most rappers come from the streets? (i mean succesfull rappersl ike fifty cents and such) Because they are gangstas and have the money ??
    No because they work harder, then a wannabe who has a roof above his head. Because
    THEY beleive it is thier only way to freedom of mysery and they put all your energy and free time into to get it. What to those school boys do ? Nothing, wahticng tv, playing xbox bla bla, ah yeah wathcing porn ofcrouse LOL HAHAHA :p Dont watch porn my friend, CREATE ONE.
    What did fifty? (He worked hard in his basement or i dont know where and make those songs and eveyrthing and now he is rich and free. NOw this is the story almost from everyone except faggot justing bieber. I hate him for one reason. Because everyone hates him. They talk like the guy is gay but he f*ks probably more then we all together.
    Why did i talked about justing bieber? Because try to understand the human mind. I hate ihm because eveyrone hates him. I cant like him because it nt natural. If i like him i feel like a teenage girl. ANd i tihnk u share the same feelings ? (shout it in reply) too
    Now this thing u have to do it in your market.

    OKe: My technical secrets:
    Subscribe to all gurus u know: READ THEIR SPAM AND make notes. (of things u think it will work) U will see a repeating pattern. Guru's dont know shit. THe only reason they make money is because of people like you.
    Where there are dreams , u can sell them shitt. MOST people in im have dreams. SO their mind is week and they will do anything for it. DREAM= their freedom now woudlnt u buy an ebook for 2k if it w ill give it your freefom as it say it wiill? NOw u saw no , but beleive me if uare are an accountant earning 5k a month u will pay 2k for it.

    Nothing is fair. THERE must be some kind of manipulation.
    AN idea is a manipulation. Lets say the wheel. It's to manipulate the shape of something so it will roll and will be faster to transport thing with it right?
    NOw u didnt tought like this abot it dont u ?
    U cant suceed without cheating. Cheating is an art.
    Everyone ells you u have to ne honest bla bla. WRONG.
    U need to create the world ur targeting to.
    Lets say ur niche and market is Porn.
    Let me give u an example.
    Download alot of adult movies.
    Create a character We will name it Sara BLackhatter. Make a website on her name.
    with the pictures and movies u got from your adult movie. (its creating your own character acutally)
    Now rank it for the name u choose (choose a very rare name so its easy to remember and rank.
    Post on free adult sites with watermark on it. IDea is to take a unknown female star that not alot of pervers guys know about her and give her a new name make her famous.
    Now how are going to earn ur money ? U can lock with cpa (loudmo, other cpa networks) DOnt tell me they dont accept movie sites. COver your tracks !
    an other idea is make a membership site. :) lets say u do this and it earnt u 50 dollar a month.
    Now take your time and work one year on it and make 1000. WIth wordpress u can build a sit ein couple of minutes.
    This is the most stupid idea i wrote here, to make u understand about the manipulation.
    What im sating is CREATE A NEW WORLD. NOw u create a new characters, new stars, so a new world. Now u can control it.
    Here is what i do :
    CPa marketing
    Affiliate marketing
    (i dont not do google adsense)
    I create new products everyday (atleast 5 products) yeah im prodocitve.
    Thats all. Tools i use ? same tools a you. linkbuilding shitt, thats all.
    notihng fancy. (i dont use xrumer) or senuke or whatever. I doit manually. why ? because otherwise i dont hve thing to do. Oh yeah I dont outsource. why ? I trust noone.
    Because behin every project there is a master genius idea invloved how the hell cani outsource it ???

    My strategy : DOnt have all your egges in one basket.
    First i wanted to make 1000 sites making 1dollar a month (with google) LOOL (i as just a studnet u know:p)

    NOw i make products i have more then 5k products. NOw the idea was
    I need to make one sale a month of each product. Most of the time 50 bucks products.
    The idea is to make one sale a month. and have more. It means ur niche is super targeted.
    Easy to rank, Manual backlinking is enough to rank first for it u see?
    NOw ask your self CAN U MAKE a product and sell it 1 time inone month? yes u can.
    CAN make 5k products ? Ofcrouse u can make 100k if have an idea to do it. u can outsource this stuff.
    But remembe rmy products are not shit. Most of the time i take my time and read eveyrthing. MASTER THE SKILLS OR the idea >give my own idea>TWIT and create the ebooks.

    ANd oh yeah, I do not work in IM niche.
    NOW StuPID guys will ask which niche?
    answer is every F*king nich u name it.
    Everything ! REALLY everything.
    Stupid people will learn some shitty method i just gave away (my method yeah)
    SMart people will understand the REAL value of this topic.
    It doenst matter what u do. U can really make one site and make u earn your 50k or 100k a month easly. Look at themeforest. It is controlled by a women. !!!!!!!!!!! Shame on you GUYs.
    BTW she is dangerous. LOL
    If u have questions, and u think to know the answer will change your life then ask it. If its not going to change your life then dont waste your time. U cant waste my time. Causte its not yours. ;) NObdody can waste my time. Nobody can steal my dreams.
    This is the way u need to think.
    Remember only 5% succeed. reason ? they work 80% expecting 80% resutls and they get 20%. It's the last 20% efforts that completes the magic.


    Hey I am interested in knowing how did you made that much money in a month,thanks


    CPa but as an advertiser.

    As a blackhatter (cpa publisher) u become your own enemy once u want the big money .

    Big money: CPA as advertiser.

    Download CPA tsunami. u will understand.

    I read through your inspirational talk and you talked alot about making your own product and not working with adsense. Atm I am only able to work with adsesne since I dont understand what people mean by product? If you can please elaborate an example on what you mean by creating a product? Also do you think affiliating sales from amazon etc is good way to start off?

    No my friend,

    Im talking about making your own Digital product. Ebooks for example.

    you are young = Best time to start what u want to get.

    go to (Look for CPa tsunami, Dan kennedy, Frank kern, Jordan Belfort)

    Download all u can. Then forget this forum for one month.

    Watch all those vidoes and have a notebook.

    The methods gets outdated but your way of thinking not. First u need to change the way u think. Then u can do anything.

    Creating products.: Infomation products.

    For example on Warrior forums. (they sell it on forums) Those WSO's they are just rehashed and u can find them here.

    One good advice. Try to understand pattern interupt (u will understand it in List control of frank kern)

    For example in dog traning world. U can read couple of books and tips. Make an ebook how to make your dog fly( lol ) and there will be always SOMEONE who wll buy.

    Idea is to make one sale a month . And create alot of products. One u have enough money u will Apply for CPA as a advertiser. and let them promote all the ebooks u created during the years. (here is where the money comes ) >the last months.

    There will be always that Very special Human being that will buy your book (in the period of 1month)

    For people who didnt understood. YOu put your time and create digital products. after 2years u will have alot. (u will make pretty good money but not millions.)
    Once u have enough money u will become CPA advertiser. THEN because u already have build your empire during those years will make the millions. why ? because all publishers will promote your products. And as u have alot of products u got the idea. If u dont go for the big idea u cant just make the ammount of money with anything u know? U really need products.

    Who is the rich one? publisher or advertiseR? Most cases Advertiser. If they pay u as publisher it means they make more then they pay no ? logic no ?


    I joined the forum a year ago but didnt really come on as I had examination running in high scrhool.

    I started last month providing a service to IMer of profile backlinking (although BHW didnt accept my post in selling section since they had many) I posted on warrior forum and wickedifre. Made 800$ in about 5 weeks but than the sales died all of sudden so need a way to move on. atm have some investment and hosting till 2012.

    Atm I am only with adscendmedia for CPA since they dont require tax forms (btw they died because u probably sitted and waited. U had to work 10 times more to get more sales.(as u did the 800dollars)

    Keep doing what u doing. But download what i gave you if u dont have it.

    if u could make 800 dollars in 5weeks u can make 800 millions.

    There has to be a reason u see? Preperation is also really imoprant. Like i prepared my idea. I put 2years of making the products without any income first (then bamm )

    Dont get scared about SEO stuff, that only gurus know bla bla.

    As for adsense i hope u use adsense optimizes themes.

    Look my friend Think of a way to establish a good way to eanr arround 1500-2k a month( its enough to survive) Once u there U can THINK cause u will not worry about the money.

    If u dont worry, u will have better ideas.

    Remember also one thing. It is really true it's not 5% but 1% who makes it big.

    And its good. Cause It's easyer for a king like you to be the 1% . u see?

    Change the way u see at the things.

    For exmaple: 99% Fail. = U can say fuck its hard. I cant.

    Another vieuw to look at it: OMG this iy my oppotunty. AS 99% Fail I can crown my self KING and become the KING as 99% just dont do it.

    I hope u understand this. You are gods son, Son of a king. ANd u diserve to live rich and happy.


    My english sucks, But im Free. I can learn it. I have time. I dont have to work. DOnt laugh at my english.
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    Home Page:
    Eloquently presented sir.
  3. joefresh

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    Jan 9, 2010
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    It's a copy of the world we are living in. It's messy, overhelming, Chaotic. If u can get your answers then u will survive. i will post a detailed Practical insturctions later (Technical guide) As i will never work in IM niche i dont mind to share. But to be honest.

    The only thing a man should do is changing the way he thinks.

    For example :U didnt read it because it was messy it F*up.

    diamonds are Hidden and really deep under the ground. The ones who look for it will find it. The ones who thins its not well presenter will not:p

    Good luck
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    Read the whole thing, that's some good advice. Anyone who clicked on this thread expecting to get a method for free is an idiot.
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    Not much of a story but thanks for all the generic "you can do it" rhetoric.

    And you actually printed out 1.8 million posts, three times? LOL. Wonder how your son will like living in a world without trees.
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    thanks, it was well presented :) Oh, and i will not cheat tho..
  7. mani911

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    Student Of bachelors in business
    Lahore Pakistan
    Excuse me ? " Hang in there for a sec " did you actually sell a car to buy hosting LOL?
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  8. syngenetic

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    Seriously? I hope this a joke.
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    It's not about you can do it. Every know They can. But noone does it. It's about the 80/20 Rule whats actually is critical for success. Most of Blackhatters Try fail, go to the next idea. Without finishing it. They give up witohut understnading it didnt work because they did it work not because it was saturated or whatever.

    I was trying to give you all the reason of my success. It's not because of the you can do it stuff. It's TO understand What is giving up.

    Yes I did print it , At the end of every month i will print again.

    Im not looking into methods. Im looking for common patterns that keeps repeating.

    It's like u need to know the past to know the future. SO if u wanna know the future of IM u need to know all BHW LOL (funny but true)
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    Depends on my vpn
    omg ... thats a lot to read ... i gotta outsource ... :D .. (jus kiddin)..
    read it half...seems good! :) will read the entire thing asap ...
  11. joefresh

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    It was a 5000 dollars car (lol ) i needed dedicated hosting )

    Because I was going to make 50 sites a day . (i needed for domains u see? )
  12. joefresh

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    I forgot one thing sorry for bumping the thread.

    Never try to start low and get higher (like they say rome was not build in 1 day)

    I know it was not, But you will build it in 1 day. u see what i mean by this thing?

    U have to build it in one day , Because the effort you put will give u the results.

    EDIT: Thats why i needed the 5k to start with 50 sites already. Get all the knowlegde u can (not methods) knowlegde: HOw things work. ANd use 1 month to think and come up with ideas.

    IDEAS makes it different.

    Keep in my my idea of having 5k products is nothin special. But every product i have is special. Because i dont get 1 sale a month i get atleast 10. (monthly searches are like 500-1k) = really low (my strategy is more into getting higher conversion then getting higher traffic.

    It's not because of a good salescopy (i dont use salecopy) >thats the reason of the conversion.

    Everyone is using salescopy. (Thats what i learned by reading those posts and topics) SO i needed to find a way to sell it without.

    That one little idea changed everything.
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    Whatever it is you are smoking, must be some strong shit :D
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    Take a Guess
    Very inspirational. It took me a long to figure out it is not always the method but the effort. I gave up and did not finish about 70% of the projects I was working on. I always skipped to the next big idea and gave up on the one before. It took years before I started making money. Now, this is my full time job, my hours, my time. Some days I wake up at 2:00pm others I wake up at 3:00 am. The point, it does not matter. It is always prime time in some country. I am printing out your post. Thank You for this useful post.
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  15. joefresh

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    Same here, it took me alot of time to understand it, thats why i made this thread. Cause after reading whole forum i saw everyone is looking for a method. SO they try methods and switch to the next. It's not taht they are not taking actions, because they do try the methods, it's about the finishing and putting the efforts. To understand it doenst work cause a piece of puzzle is missing, not because the method is dead.

    AN idea can not die, the executer can.
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  16. joefresh

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    Merry Chrismas to you too my friend:p
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  17. chowyoungfat

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    I come from a land down under..
    Yeah it's always best to finish what you start (unless it's smoking? =p). I've left behind a few projects in the past, but they were doomed from the beginning due to lack of experience.

    It's best to not plan too far ahead (for example, buying a massive amount of domains which you plan on gradually building over time) or you may loose interest in what you are doing or think of bigger better ideas. Working without interest or passion is really hard and the results will be mediocre.

    The trick is to enjoy what you are doing. Your heads in the right place, off topic but are you a sagittarius?
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  18. joefresh

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    Yes, you are totally right, thats why i said u need the idea and plan.

    After u buy 50 domains instead of 5, U cant switch to an other one i u payed 500 only for domains lol , by puting everytihng there, u will work harder.

    It's like going to war with ships and burning so u cant go back (an example of thinkk and grow rich ) thats why i did and bought 50 domaisn.(normal domains nothing fancy)

    Not im a dragon* haha and to be honest.:p because this year was for lion , and my ex Gf was Lion , and i hate her hard, i went to her house and stole her fathers car !! loool (because i remembered i promosed to her long time ago i would steal her fathers car for joke she said u cant ) and i finished that idea too. !
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    Do you really make 500K per Month?How much time it takes to reach it?
  20. FallenSputnik

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    ^^ He does not make 500k a month btw.
    Also, just advice mate, organize it, put it paragraph dont hAvE random caps in middle of words, etc.
    Also, true blackhatters dont around the streets screaming that they are one.
    1. unwise.
    2. proves you are not one.
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