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    It was 10 years ago, I was 16 and I decided I never wanted to work for a living. I was young but I knew that you didn't have to be smart to be rich. I spent way to much time on the internet. This was in the days of dial-up modems and free AOL disks...then came the cable modem. I was one of the first to have these available in his area.

    I found a program called Hotline. It was one of the first P2P programs that I think ever existed. There was always Usenet but before anyone had ever heard of Napster it was the way to download free music, software and porn on the internet if you didn't have a Usenet account.

    I started a server on Hotline. Pretty easy actually. You put files in a folder, start the program and have a server. It could be login/pw protected or set up so anyone could download.

    I made it so you had to go to a free angelfire web site which had a link to an affiliate program. The best were those that paid a certain amount per person that signed up to a free e-mail list. I found one that paid a buck per signup so I gave it a shot. The login/pw was the last word on the confirmation page once the person signed up.

    A month or so later at 16 years old, I got a check for over $4000 cause at a buck per person...4300 people signed up.

    I blew through it like any idiot 16 year old would. This went on for about a year before Napster blew up and P2P file sharing ruined this avenue of money.

    Fast forward to today and I'm happy to have found a web site for people that think like me. I have a real job now in sales (mortgage banker) but I've been ruined for a real days work ever since I received that first commission check.

    Now that you know my story and know i'm not just some douche who came on here looking for quick easy question is this.

    Are there still programs that pay you per person who signs up for an e-mailing list or free service? I'm not looking for services that cost money. I have a few ideas that could convert a program like this to money. I've never been one to take other peoples ideas and I'm a much bigger fan of things that don't require daily work (obviously). Any suggestions or links would be appreciated.
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    Yes. There are lots of CPA networks actually. Hydra, Commision Junction, NeverBlue, Copeac, to name a few. They may pay for email submits, zip submits, signing people up for free trials, etc.