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My Steps For Selling/SEO Structure - What Do You Think?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by drnobrain, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. drnobrain

    drnobrain Registered Member

    Dec 12, 2008
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    I'm telling here my money making website/blog structure mixed with some "maybe-I-should-do-like-this" parts :) , this is an "ideal" structure I could come up with, and I'm curious about your opinion.

    Here it is:

    XSite Pro 2 part:

    I make an opt-in page as a front page of my home, I try to push it in the search engines on my main keywords. It contains a header some text including kw-s, and an opt-in box.

    I create a sales page noindex, nofollow, only the subscribers have the link for it.

    Then I create a Privacy Policy page, a Terms of Conditions page, a Partners page, and that's all. These all gotta have a small link in the footer, and of course a link to my blog, where the wordpress part begins.

    Wordpress part:

    I install WP here: mydomain.com/blog

    Then, I look at my carefully selected keywords, and start to create a post for dominating that keyword. Each post points to the opt-in page, and clearly tells, that's the next level of info if somebody wants more.

    When it is done (actually I make this continuously), there comes the linking power and the selling steps.

    Obviously the kick ass information is my product (1st level), that's the last step I want the visitor to go.

    The second one is my autoresponder series (2nd level), that's where they go either from my blog (3rd level of cool contents) or the search engines if I was good enough to rank somewhere with my opt-in front page.

    So, the 3rd level was my blog, I social bookmark every post. But I need a 4th level of content.

    I reg a free blog with main keywords of ONE of my main blog post. On the free blog I make spun posts of my original ONE blog post, make them shorter, or find some short but related content, but I point out in every post of the free blog, if they want more information, they should go to my blog.

    I soc bookmark each post to 100+ sites. (Gathering all links --> make an rss feed --> put every link on it --> BANG to rss aggregatorz - this applies to EVERY linking)

    Now we have 4 steps, and 4 levels information quality to our visitor (if he pops in the end level, but now he could pop in on any level.)

    Free blog --> Main blog --> opt in / e-course info --> ebook sales page

    Then I kick in some other levels and mixing.


    It's very easy to make a short video with animoto or some offline cool slideshow animation maker. You grab some cool stock photo related to your market, add some compelling text, and here we go.

    I make a few pic/sentence video for each of my free blog posts, and main blog posts (for this latter, a little bit better quality.) Then I upload them to with keyword wise titles, tags and description. Description starts with clickable URL. IMPORTANT - when the motion in the video ends, there's about a 30 sec only showing the actual url, where I want them to go, AND an annotation that only click on the link below to get there.

    Then I make a few extra good quality videos for my main front page, the opt-in page. I make this using Ado* b*e A* fter Eff* ects, using some cool templates, you can find anywhere on the net. I was absolutely noob for this stuff but I could make a kick ass video after a short playing around. Those really makes the visitor believe that you have a kick ass content. Some examples u can find at vide* oh *ive dot net. (Just to see what I'm talking about.)

    Then I soc bookmark all of them. Then regging free blogs again for vidz, of course not one blog for one video, but one blog for 10 or 20 vidz. A post is like: starting a post: making some relevant text content with the video title keywords, embed the video, continue text content with the vid kw-s, end of the post - then start again. Making a few posts with the videos. Maybe can use relevant but not competitor vids as well, just for google to see, there's not only my content on this site.

    Anyway, it is suggested to all the free blog posts, making links INSIDE THE POST to POPULAR, HIGH PR authority, but not competing wembsites. I think this shows google, that "oh, this blog is not just about sucking visitors to a specific site".

    What else can I say... I soc bookmark every posts I make. Great way to automate them with iO* pus Macro scripts.

    On the 4th level, where the free blogs are pointing to my main blog, I can create a link wheel, that I link inside the posts to an other free blog of mine.

    So on each FREE blog (NOTon the main blog) each post has 3 links inside: one for a popular high pr related site, one for another free blog of mine. These two are just a simple underlined text, with the content flowing. And the third, the mostly content-stressed link: the one to my main blog.

    Maybe this was a little bit long :) , and thanks for reading,

    now, I'm curious about your opinion.

    P.S.: I mention only free blogs here - well, in my country there are no high PR web 2.0 pages, like squidoo, or hubpages...etc, only the blogging part can be done.
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  2. drnobrain

    drnobrain Registered Member

    Dec 12, 2008
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    Ok, I know this was a bit long, but I think - also informative. Maybe it's not he best method ever, but you can seriously cash in using it. (I know it by experience.)

    I just would like to now, how to TWEAK it?

    Or... is that better if I only use wordpress for everything? (I give up on that because it was a mess for me not only using it for the blogging part.)

    Please, advise! For me, and for everyone reading this!
  3. drnobrain

    drnobrain Registered Member

    Dec 12, 2008
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    Ok, I try it once again.

    Anybody willing to say some criticism, opinion, anything?

    Sorry about this "pushing", I'm just really curious. I've read a lot here,
    and I know that I'm only one click away from the search button. But
    I don't have a specific problem.

    What I really need is someone who see THIS system as a whole,
    and would like to give some tweaking tips.
  4. Krippleintime

    Krippleintime Registered Member

    May 12, 2010
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    Graphic Location Unknown
    Looks good to me. Like you said its not the best method, but give it a shot if you think you can succeed with it.