My Spin On Content Locking Using Social Proof & YouTube

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    Just got this idea... I thought I'd share even though it's untested because I know for an absolute fact it will work to boost the % of people who follow through and complete the offer. Social proof is VERY powerful. In case you don't know social proof is where other people will buy/complete the action because they think everyone else is doing it and is happy with the result.

    Here's how it works:

    Lots of people are using y0utube videos to drive traffic to content locked pages. Most marketers are uncreative in the videos they upload... they usually just have a still screenshot or some generic text like "get xyz here @"

    This is the twist:

    Either add clear bold text in the video itself or as an annotation saying "Xyz is free as promised, if you appreciate me sharing this at no cost all I ask is one thing. If Xzy works exactly as intended, you benefited from it and found it was really useful leave me a thumbs up on this video!"

    Then you use a service to bump the thumbs up on the video.

    The sentence you use will vary depending what you're locking. That's just an example. Make sure that text is visible the entire length of the video, it has to really stand out!!

    Once people see the video has so many thumbs up and read that message the power of social proof will practically force them to follow through and complete the offer. This is based on the psychology of how people want to fit in with the majority and want to experience and enjoy what others have benefited from. Since many others did the offer and were satisfied with the result they will too. Just look at all the thumbs ups to prove it.

    PS - this method can apply if you send them directly to a zip submit or trial or free ebook download or ANYTHING. Just change around the sentence to fit your needs.
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