my sites settings please take a look and post a suggestion

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    Here's my common setting with my sites as a starting point. you can change depending on the reaction of the people on your site.. This is the best On-page strategy i know.. you might find some good suggestions as well from other marketers..

    1. 100% SEOpressor score on WP plugins
    2. Title must at least have 2 target KW
    3. Start of the Sentence on your blog must be the target KW.
    4. Start with 3-5 sentences first with the affiliate at the end of the sentence or near the end then
    5. Put a You tube video that is very interesting. This will be your way of letting the traffic stay on your site
    6. Articles articles Articles. Atleat 3% - 5% KW's
    7. Put an authority page like wikipedia or ehow on one of your target Keywords as a hyperlink
    8. At the middle of the post put another affiliate.. I do this right beside the picture so that it will be seen.
    9.End of the whole post put another affiliate with your KW
    10. Buy a second site to mask your affiliate offer. use the site as a hyperlink then redirects to the affiliate offers after the click... Its a complete turn off for the customers if they will see some random characters on the link that they will clikc
    11. Pictures. Atleast 3-5 Pictures... I'm harvesting via Google Images. I edit them, resize and rename on my KW + few LSI's before posting it on my site.
    12. pages. Get a Disclaimer page, About us page, Provacy Policy and an Extra's page.
    13. On the Extra's page put 1-2 sentence mentioning coming soon type of post the n refer back to your homepage with your KW hyperlinked.
    14. Register on Aweber and get some Lightbox installed in your site.. This will help you get the outgoing traffic to be converted into leads.

    I might've forgotten something but That's what I can think of now.. When Creating a site and you have mastered this, this will not hurt you at all.. so it's not a big time waster but will help in rankings as well..

    Get some PPC running on your site like faceobook so that you'll have traffic. Also you can buy traffic from google i think even without the adwords account. Just not quite sure of it..

    any suggestion if my list are missing something
    please add some of your suggestion
    that would really help

    thanks in advance