my Site rank is Fall down..


Jun 5, 2013
Help me please...

My site rank is fall down on one night...before my target keyword in pages 1 but now in pages sould i do...
Did you buy any seo or backlink service?

Could be a negative SEO attack or you bought a low-grade blackhat service...
Wait for 3-5 days, it will come back soon. - might be due to over optimization.

Always try to follow "Drip Feed".
Maybe this is due to keyword overoptimizing, but just in case, check your backlinks in Webmaster Console (or search google) to see if you have any links from (or to) spammy websites like drugs, sex gambling and the similar.

In my experience, Overnight dramatic falls in SERPS are coming either from google's algorythm update (you are not afraid of this if you have a strong backlink profile) or by hacker attack.
I think you have built the links in certain time period. Just wait for few days. Its came back soon. If you are interested to build the links just try to build in drip feed manner.
I'd go with :
1. SEO
2. Social media
3. GEO you want to target
4. Great recent content (trending)
5. Blackhat SEO (obviously) --> using Google trends keywords given.

Keywords Baby, Keywords !
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