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My Site Or Sites - Your Traffic 50/50

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by tunescool, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. tunescool

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    Jul 23, 2011
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    if you have interest in one or more than one, can get traffic in any way, 50/50. i got myself involved in things and im beyond keywords

    all my sites have very good quality brand name products

    one is a fashion site ive had for a year, im on like page 2 or 3 for some keywords. theres somewhat of a blog for certain things going on in the 3 fashion lines just to to rank, optimized articles

    the brand names are elizabeth and james, the row, and olsenboye. well respected, they win awards and the designers are on the CFDA fashion council. they have products $100 to $50,000. theres a store

    i have a womens designer fragrance site, itll never rank. sometimes i just go and make sites, i link them on all my sites. it isnt much but i update it with products, a description and actual customer reviews. gucci, versace, calvin klein, armani, stuff women buy everyday

    the products are on stores like sephora, nordstrom, well respected stores, as well as the site above

    i have a self improvement blog, it ranks page 4 for Self Improvement Blog. its nothing special, some articles, i get new ones when i can, and i got infographics on it, im starting to just do quotes on a graphic.
    it has a store with books and cds, dvds, its not all done yet but it would take a couple days to finish it. books like alcohol, drug related, bipolar, other stuff people honestly are into and buying they wanna change

    then i have 2 autoblogs, doesnt matter its good content written by professionals people wanna and will read. one is mobile electronics and car stereo and the other is home theater, not just home theater but stereos, speakers, home automation. home theater is actually a theater in your house

    they both have stores. i have a good affiliate for everything, alpine car stereo, kenwood, kicker, pioneer, soundstream. bose home speakers, bose waves, lg electronics tvs and sound, sony

    however you can get traffic
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    Mar 10, 2010
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    Please note: When you go into partnership with another member, you MUST do your own due diligence. All partners in a venture take full responsibility for the service and for each other's actions in respect to that service. If any member breaks the marketplace rules, all partners will bear the consequences.


    Remember, use your head, don't expect everything to be perfect and plan on working to be successful as almost no business opportunity just pours cash into your hands without some elbow grease.