my site black or white?



I created a website
I came to know about black hat techniques recently. I applied a random content generator in my site. I am still confused as to whether i should use other techniques considering my aim is to getting into google and dont want to get banned.
Could you please review my website and tell me the appropriate action i must take? my sites fairly new.
random content generator? you mean it generates random articles or grab them from other sources using RSS feeds or something?
You could always use PRStorm, and search engine cloaker to start off with some blackhat =]
I dont exactly remember where i got the script from. Its like we enter keywords it generates a unique content for us.Most of it makes no sense to humans but bots are not humans right......
is PRStorm free? by the way is it old? google might have found some work around so that they can shit on people using this software......
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