My Simple Method to Get Paid Posts on Your Blog [Make Money with Sponsored Reviews]

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    My Simple Method to Get Paid Posts on Your Blog
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    Hi. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you might heard that ?Sponsored Reviews? are one of my income sources. I have written so many sponsored posts on my blogs. I made over 500$ from sponsored reviews with a short span of time. :)

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    But. Getting sponsored reviews are a bit tough job. Companies always love to advertise on a big blog that is very popular and active. So, You must have very popular and active blog like ShoutMeLoud, Blogging Cage?etc.

    So, Your question will be, ?How I get sponsored reviews?? Yeh. My blog is not very much popular on blogosphere and it is very new one. So, I?m publishing it?s answer on this blog post.

    My 99% Working Trick to Get Paid Posts on your blog.

    Step 1 : Find Companies Related to your Niche
    Step 2 : Find their Email or Contact Page
    Step 3 : Contact them for Advertising on your Blog

    Read More about this method in detail here :

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    Theatre of dreams :)
    regular reader of your blog???

    you just registered this month...are you a guru?

    Also there is nothing new in your blog post...