My SERP dropped by about 20, how can I get it back up?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Retsam5, Jul 27, 2013.

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    One of the secondary keywords on my website used to rank me around 10-20 on google, but it seems like after doing a $5 social bookmarks gig in hope to boost it to the front page, it dropped me around the 40 mark and it's been floating there since. At least, I think that's what caused the drop as it's the only thing I really have changed on the page the keyword's on.

    I'm banking on this keyword since my main keyword has dropped past the 500+ mark for SERPs. I had the same social bookmarks gig target this keyword as well, and the bookmarks actually increased its rank around the 80-100 range, but after a week of dancing around, it disappeared completely. My main niche keyword has become harder to rank for over the years and I haven't been updating my website for these changes.

    I have a handful of keywords on this site, each ranking between 1-20 SERP on yahoo and bing, but I really need the traffic from google that I'm just not getting anymore. The website is almost 3 years old too, if that affects anything.

    I just optimized my site last night with Yoast's SEO for Wordpress, and I guess what I'm trying to ask is, how do I move forward? Should I also re-index my pages after the SEO?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Wait for a couple of more days. It may be serp dance and check your backlinks for possible spam ones
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    One of the worst things you can do in IM/SEO is give into knee-jerk reactions.

    There is a solid chance that your bookmarking gig has caused this dip but at the same time it could very well just be Google reshuffling the deck.

    Give it a week and just continue building links steadily as you have in the past. Continue adding content and lay off the fiverr gigs just for the time being; whether it's a SERPs drop or a dance will be revealed soon.

    Until then, don't try and reinvent the wheel, it could just end up making things worse.

    Keep us posted.
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    I would try and find out exactly what was done to the site. Check and see what kind of links were added if any or where the site was actually bookmarked. Sometimes people take jobs and then outsource them so the person you paid to do the work might not even know what really was done. If that really was the only thing that was done differently there is a good chance that someone built spammy links to your site or did something else that Google didn't think looked right.

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    Hey. I wouldn't bother with the social bookmarks to your main page, they aren't very good quality links, especially Fiverr gigs. Focus on building quality contextual links and you will raise your position in the SERPs.
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