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    Hi everyone! I'm new to SEO and to this forum.

    I did SEO for my mom's facebook page before even knowing what SEO was! She has a small gourmet sweets business. It took me over a year of sharing links with other FB pages and food blogs, but I ended up getting her over 7000 likes within a year. Her website and FB page now rank at the top of google results thanks to all the likes. People are surprised she spent NO MONEY on the online marketing.

    It took me forever to get this far, but seeing my results my friends in IT have been telling me I should start a small SEO business for myself to help pay bills. I'm unsure how I can mimic what I did again for other companies within a shorter period of time? (it's easy to get likes when you're promoting a page with yummy gourmet dessert pics c'mon!)
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