My Second Well Documented Blog Affiliate Journey - Website in the Outdoor Niche to 5K per Month

Do You Use Any Services From BHW?

I have used some services in the past that I might try to reuse again. But I am just trying to get content on the site right now.
If you buy links from here, your website will have a bad time. Think again about it.
Yo bro, same like me. I started on 17 march. Lmao. Dont mind the last 1 impression from 3 months back. Actually my domain is old but i started working only a month ago. Sadly the current impressions and clicks are my own. As i check if my articles are searchable or not. Am new to blogging. Its my first site. I also dont have SEO knowledge. Just doing basic keyword research. I hope we both will make some reasonable amount of money by the end of the year.

May 10th, 2024 Update:

Not much to write home about. I've been dabbling in automation to try and create a good way of generating good content. I have some ideas on getting it going, but this has been taking most of my time right now. (I get sidetracked very easily)

If I can get this completed properly, it will make it very easy to get good content out.

I've also had a lot of weird issues with Kadence as well which is causing weird issues with my GSC and a lot of weird tag/categories pages that are getting crawled, which shouldn't be. I am pretty sure I fixed it all, but if not, I will maybe swap themes or do a redesign with a page builder (Bricks or Greenshift and Blocksy)

Ahrefs Dashboard for May 2024

I've also started working on getting some backlinks for my site. I will be honest, in the past, I was using SEMRUSH as my SEO tool for keyword research and for tracking my progress.
I've since swapped to AHREFs, but it seems that both of these tools have a different way of evaluating a keyword difficulty, which is throwing me off with AHREFs (I do like this tool better, though; I just have to adapt)

I have 27 posts up on the site right now, mostly informational posts and only 2 affiliate posts. Once I get some more backlinks, I will try to get some niche edits to focus more down on the pages I want to monetize.

I've also done more research on how Google is now prioritizing big brands instead of the little guys.

Recently, I've been looking at the SEO drama and issues with HouseFresh and trying to do some backend research into their site to see what might've caused them to go down and lose traffic.
They are pretty much doing what Google recommends people to do with their websites. They have hands-on experience, they test their products, and they have videos about it and good content, but they still get destroyed.

For a fun test, I copied one of my pages and posted it on Reddit in a proper section. A week later, it was ranked in the top 3, while the page on my site wasn't even getting indexed/wasn't ranking in the top 100 even with a low DR and no backlinks needed for sites in the top 10 (I even double-checked with SEMRUSH on a trial basis and the keyword I picked had a low difficulty on both tools - no backlinks needed and good content which was proven with how fast it ranked with Reddit). I've since deleted that Reddit post.

This is what kind of led me down to the automation path for now. I know my content should rank, and it's easy when Google isn't just slamming down the little guys. I'll keep this website up for a couple of more months to see if I see any changes and go from there.

Who knows, if my automation is really good, maybe I'll monetize it in some way.
Keep it up bro,google is weird now in its own way.Many good sites have seriously been impacted,am also wondering why housefresh was so impacted,i think google is favoring the big boys though they are even using ai crappy content.
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