My Realistic Journey from $0/day to $1/day in a month

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by f1ea, Feb 16, 2012.

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    Hello bhw people. Today is the day where I actually start trying to make money online rather then keeping it on the back burner. I signed up to this website a few years back read a couple articles then havent touched it again up until last week. I have a current job in the real worl but it is only part time and pays close to minimum wage.

    I havent ever made a penny online but I am sure after reading some methods on here that I have made some one else some money. As for starting to make my own money I am not sure which method I want to chose so I am going to start with several.

    Day 1

    I am going to setup three to five youtube accounts all targeting a different area. If one kicks off more then the others I will focus more on how to monitize it better. I only have on idea atm for youtube so my traffic might not be targeted as of yet. That is ok because today is mainly for setting everything up.

    After the youtube accounts are created and have some videos on it I will go onto trying the microniche websites. I am interested at buying some just so I can see exactly how they are done and built get the resources. On the other hand I would also like to create them by myself since atm I do not really have the start up cash to blow. If i could get some input from you guys... Have you ever bought a microniche website? If so, was it worth the money? How long did it take to pay for itself?

    The third and final way I'll attempt for now is torrents. While I am working on the youtube and microniche websites I will be downloading a bunch of random things. That way when I get to this step I will have something myself to upload. As for the money being made this way I will try ppi and just having either a read me along with it or a note they can read in winrar that is on the side.

    I will be posting in this thread hopefully once a day for thirty days with my progress. If any experienced member would like to mentor me on my journey that would be great. Also looking for friends as I currently have no online or offline friends in IM.


    Oh also I know their is a lot of threads like this already. So sorry for being unorigonal but it will be my online journal to see my progress, make some friends, and gain helpful insight.
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    Good luck, i started today as well after gathering alot of info. Might make a post as well.
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    best of luck with this, the 1st $ always seems to be the hardest but once you do it then look to add some twists to other methods on here and scale up accordingly.

    Please do keep your thread updated :)