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My Post-Penguin SEO Blueprint + Tools - How I get my sites to the top 10 of Google

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by FuryKyle, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. FuryKyle

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    Nov 19, 2010
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    This post is all about my personal experience ranking new sites post-penguin and how to go about it quickly, economically, efficiently and effectively. There will be no mention about keyword research, money-making, advertising and so on. This will purely be about SEO and how to rank sites today, no matter how competitive your niche is or whether your site is a micro-niche site or an authority site. SEO has changed (and is still changing) and I believe older, rehashed methods are no longer useful in this era where Google is stepping up its fight against spam.
    What I'm about to write is all from personal experience, and all of my sites are still holding strong despite the frequent Panda\Penguin refreshes and the new EMD update.

    A Brief History
    When Penguin was first rolled out in April 2012, a few of my sites were penalized - they got completely wiped off from Google. I was not able to find them anywhere within the top 1000 results. It greatly puzzled me as I did frequent link-building to all my sites and only a few of them got hit. In the end, I could only conclude that this was due to the slightly different link-building approaches I took towards ranking these sites. So I did what any other curious person would do - I tested this theory out and it worked like a charm. I got my new sites ranking again like I used to, and this time the time period was actually shorter than before. All of them still have top 10 rankings to this date. Below is my SEO blueprint.

    My Post Penguin SEO Blueprint

    1. I compile a list of keywords I want to rank for my site and add in a few generic terms. I make sure I use at least a 30% bare URL ratio both with and without the "www.". I then target a few long tails, a few secondary keywords and of course my main keywords. I like to keep the main keywords at a 30% ratio as well, and the others are either long tails, related keywords or simply generic anchors such as "click here", "site", "page", "this domain" and so on. The ratio is purely arbitrary, but I tend to keep it somewhere along those lines for all my projects. It may be tempting for you to increase your main keyword ratio, but this is usually a bad idea. Make sure you don't overdo your main keyword AND have a proper, natural balance of your anchor text usage. I do this by hand, no tools involved whatsoever.

    2. I then scrape a bunch of related articles from various article directories using Article Scrape Pro and spin them using The Best Spinner. This step is important as you have to make sure your scraped articles are related. I manually go through them (I usually can tell by just looking at the titles) and remove any unrelated ones.

    I like TBS the best due to its wide user base and intuitive GUI. If you find it too expensive or dislike the yearly subscription, you could check out Spinnerchief, a one-off cheaper alternative. I keep all of this content organized in a folder.

    3. With the keywords compiled earlier on, I add links in my articles. I prefer to keep the links in the first three paragraphs, so I randomly add these links in different positions to all my scraped articles. I use one link per article.

    If you have problems trying to get your keywords compiled in a spintax form or if it gets too tedious doing it manually, I recommend learning some regexp. With a few simple regexp techniques and using Notepad++, I easily convert all of my keywords whatever form I want (in this case, in spintax form).

    4. I start the SEO with a few high PR web 2.0 links from sites such as Tumblr, Wordpress, Xanga and so on. I usually blast about 30 such links each day for 3 days, and keep them unpinged.

    I do not believe in the concept of pinging as it would simply seem unnatural for every link created to your site to be pinged. Google has trillions of spiders crawling the Internet every day, and it would only be a matter of time until your links get crawled. No rush.
    There are various tools that create such links - SENuke, Ultimate Demon, Magic Submitter or even Zennoposter if you have the templates.

    5. I get a video created about my site and get them submitted to the top video sharing sites with my link in the description. I usually use Fiverr for this, but you can do it manually with Windows Movie Maker and submitting only on main sites such as Youtube, Dailymotion and so on. I find that Tubemogul does a good job at promoting your videos if you want to step it up.

    6. I create a .pdf file with scraped content and my link in it and submit it to the top PDF sites such as Scribd. Senuke XCr can submit to pdf sites, as well as a few ZP templates, but just do it manually if you cannot afford it.

    7. I then step up the game with 100 daily links from other less renowned web 2.0 sites.
    I use my own custom software for this there are other tools out there that do the job just fine. Ultimate Demon has JCow, Clipshare and Elgg sites which are good web 2.0 sites to post to as they're all contextual and offer good diversity.

    Once I got the link flow going at a steady pace, I add about 50 do-follow daily article links to my portfolio. I try to use links in the body and leave the resource with regular spun text as I believe links placed earlier on carries more weight than "ending" links.
    AMR 2.0 works great, but you can use UD or SENuke depending on your preference.

    9. OPTIONAL Sometimes if I feel like my site needs more diversity, I add 50 daily links from do-follow wiki sites. I ignore Mediawiki, and only exclusively use the MacOS platform in the event I decide to include wiki links as it is mostly do-follow.
    I use Wiki Bomber for this and filter its in-built list to include only MacOS links. You can use SENuke or UD for this, but I find that these are a bit slow and WB gets the job done more quickly.

    10. I keep up the campaign for about 10-15 days and then collect all the URLs created. I then clean them up by removing duplicate URLs (happens usually due to human error) and running a link-check using Scrapebox. I then export all the found links in a .txt file.
    You can choose to tier only do-follow links by using the Do-Follow Link Checker addon on Scrapebox, but I just normally collect all URLs as long as its still alive and has my link(s).

    11. I then blast these links using AA lists and Scrapebox. I try to keep it to a 30:1 ratio - if I have 1500 links in total, I try to get 45000 posted links using SB. If you want to further tier these links, you can use AMR, BMD or Wiki Bomber. With AMR, I do a 2:1 ratio (3000 live article links if I have 1500). I don't usually do BMD as it would take ages for me to bookmark all of those links, not to mention the amount of captcha it would burn through. I use mostly MediaWikis to blast\tier as well, and use a (10:1 ratio). You might think this 15000 wiki links is a lot, but WB gets it done in less than 30 minutes for me on my VPS. If you have xRumer, you could blast the crap out of them as well.

    What I usually do is just blast my tier 1s with SB and Wiki Bomber or just SB if I'm too lazy. These links will not pass on juice to your site as they're all mostly no-follow, but they definitely help with faster indexing\crawling. After all, it's a more natural way to get your links found than pinging them. I also find that blasting it this way gives them a higher chance for them to get indexed by Google and Bing (although a LOT more slowly).

    If you're a "natural" kind of guy or if you're willing to wait it out then this step can be completely skipped. The purpose of this is to simply speed up the crawling process, and is not vital in passing on juice. If you're too lazy, just get a xRumer\SB\AMR\Wiki blast on Fiverr and that'll get the job done.

    12. Rinse and repeat until your site starts showing up in the SERPs.

    Here's how one of my new sites I started working after Penguin fared (big shots like Wikipedia on first page)

    A Few Points To Take Note Of

    1. Please, please, please do not get lazy and start blasting your site with thousands of web 2.0 links. You have to do it in a controlled and timely manner. Start out slow and increase your velocity (50-100 is a good number). Don't go out blasting your site with bazookas and grenades - it will literally dissappear from Google.

    2. I don't ever ping any of my links. I'm not sure if you share the same view but this has been working for me since I started SEO. I've stated my reasons to why I don't do this but if you still insist, then only ping the tier 2 links.

    3. Get a VPS if you plan on tiering your links yourself. It would be pointless to leave your computer running 24\7 for this purpose.

    4. It's alright if you miss out on a day but don't leave week-wide gaps in your link-building strategy. Keep is as consistent as possible.

    5. It is okay to use spun content as long as it is sufficiently spun. I use 4 variations per word as a minimum and frequently change articles for blasting as I don't want to get any one article "overused". Changing an article set every 50 submissions is what I like to do to keep things relatively unique.

    6. DO NOT overdo your main keyword. Leave it at 30%. It used to be okay using one keyword for an entire SEO campaign but not anymore. Doing that will probably get your site Penguinized when the next refresh comes. It is inherently tempting for you to want to increase this ratio, but this will do more harm than good. Use a healthy amount of distinct keywords and add lots of natural anchors to it. I mentioned all these points above but am repeating it to stress the importance of this.

    7. Don't ever use well-known public blog networks. You might get a few boosts, but once Google comes to crash the party, everything will start crumbling down and your site will be burned. Sites regularly get deindexed\penalized to this date. I guess Google simply hates blog networks the most. If you're a newbie and wasn't around when this happened, read around about how BMR and ALN crashed. I have my own private network as it works well, but costs a ton to set up and maintain.

    8. If you're new to the SEO business with no money to invest, just do all of this manually. It will obviously be slower and you'll take longer to rank, but the upside of this is you get more quality control and fine-tuning of your SEO campaigns.

    Conclusions + Other Link Types
    You should see that I have not used profile links, social bookmarking or other crappy comment links in the name of "diversification". These do more harm than good today, and are only useful for tiering\getting links indexed. I keep all my links purely contextual around relevant (albeit spun) content and that's what I stick to. If you're really hardcore about diversification and want to bookmark, then what I suggest is only submit bookmarks to major sites. Below are a few sites I recommend if you insist on submitting bookmarks.

    As for comments, I don't do them as the ROI is pretty bad. However, if you have the time or money to do this, search up some high PR, related pages and comment on them manually with your link in it. Make it look natural as possible. How I do this is usually use a few of my favourite footprints and scrape them using private proxies and SB.

    "Post a comment" + "YOUR KEYWORD"
    Inurl:.edu "Powered by wordpress" + "YOUR KEYWORD"
    Inurl:.gov "Powered by WordPress" + "YOUR KEYWORD"
    site:.edu "no comments" +blogroll -"posting closed" -"you must be logged in" + "YOUR KEYWORD"
    'Leave a Reply' 'Name "(required)"' 'Mail (will not be published) "(required)"' 'Website' + "YOUR KEYWORD"
    "Powered by Drupal" inurl: user/register "YOUR KEYWORD"
    I then remove duplicate URLs and then check their pageranks. Any URL with a PR below 3 gets removed, but as usual this is an arbitrary number. If you feel that you want to comment more, by all means skip this step or reduce your treshhold PR level.

    Some sites require you to register\login before commenting. Although it's going to take ages for you to register\verify, it usually is worth the time (if you consider commenting manually worth your time in the first place) as the OBL is either non-existent or very low. In other words, no competing comments :)

    I strongly advocate against any sort of profile links to your main site directly. Only use them for tiering.

    Probably forgot to mention a few things but I'll try to regularly update this post to keep things fresh and add things that I forgot to mention. Phew, that was definitely one of the longest posts I wrote. Hope you found this useful, and happy SEOing :D
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    Hey ,
    What about recent updates? Do you still rank well?
  3. psytrance

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    Jan 20, 2012
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    the moon.
    very nice read..... I am shocked that you dont mention social bookmarking or maybe i just missed it eheh

    by the way, about do follow wikis....try to find tikiwiki and moinmoin too
  4. nihalsad

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    Jan 29, 2011
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    Bro this blueprint is still working after the takedown of the EMDs?
  5. lover

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    Sep 25, 2007
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    Are you sure this will work even after yesterday's penguin update?

    Is the site for which you posted screenshot still ranking? I am asking because screenshot shows ranking till 29th sep.
  6. Neo240

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    Same question.
  7. StressKills

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    Nice thread! Easy to follow and clear. Thanks!
  8. NeoPat

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    Oct 29, 2011
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    Pretty awesome mate plus iv got all the tools you mentioned so as a noob in link creation its pretty brill guide to put into practice!
  9. martinact420

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    U.P. North
    Great methods here, but to clarify, you use only your own private blog network for the article blasts? How many articles do you do? Thanks, Tom
  10. john1444

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    Mar 27, 2012
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    Miami, FL
    Nice assumption and i must admit, you have got some real facts there.

    The primary method by which Penguin operates is by examining your inbound link profile metrics to detect what it deems to be "unnatural" activity, and the main signal of unnatural activity appears to revolve around anchor text. As such, if you've been hit by Penguin, then it's likely due to an over-optimized inbound link profile, as determined by the distribution ratio of the anchor text in your inbound link profile.

    SEO is gradually turning into maths and only those who are logical and can calculate wins the race.
  11. charto03

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    fixing your rep.
    yea can you post updated chart and competition numbers for the KW in question just so we know if this strategy currently has any longevity to it.
  12. netmoney1

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    Great read...love reading about actual experiences. Thanks/rep given.
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    Damn Brother.. Great share for the community......!! Great Job
  14. AR!ZONA

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    Cactus Island
    So this would be for ranking a single page or are you doing it for the whole site?

    At what point after indexation do you start this campaign, assuming its a brand new site?
  15. slim_dusty

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    Thanks for taking the time to post your experiences, and hope you're still ranking with the recent changes!

    Can you recommend a good VPS and what package you have- I'm interested in having it running 24/7 for tiering my own links- totally agree this is the best for getting links crawled and much better than pinging.

    Also, are you backlinking mostly to inner pages- I'm tending not to do much backlinking directly to the home page.

    Keep us posted!
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    Solid advice. Great share.
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    Great post +rep:)
  18. theqavish

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    Good read. I consider that your ratio is little high, decrease it to 10-20% and do the same with naked URL.
  19. TashCorp

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    For all those asking if this strategy works after the EMD update. Thanks for the great post mate!
  20. Dan Da Man

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    I dont see what is so great about your thread. I see your trying to help. I can find similar threads 3 years ago. Nothing new here