My plan to something like Alltop: your feedback/suggestion seriously appreciated!

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    Hi everybody I need your feedback/suggestion before diving in such a big project.

    I'm thinking about creating a kind of journal where I collect external posts.

    I'm not talking about spamming.

    Something like Alltop, Mathblogging and Scienceseeker: they are well known and well valued for they collect only the best posts.

    I talked with one of the Mathblogging founders and told me they had academic awards: they collect RSS and publish them.
    The editing part is about assigning tags and categories to the blogs/posts, and choosing some of them as "Editor's pick".

    It's an hybrid between an automated blog and a content curation.

    Obviously they keep only the title and a brief excerpt, and the title links directly to the original source.

    Then they have some Twitter accounts to autopost their findings.

    People are encouraged to suggest new blogs too.

    The founder I talked to said they were been valued by academics, but they had a push when they added the Editor's pick category.

    What do you think about such a project?

    Do you have any suggestion about the best practices or should I give up and think about something else?

    How about monetizing?

    I'm thinking about ads spaces and, as the site grows and gets traffic, some shopping section (books, DVDs, etc...).

    I'm totally open minded, so any feedback will be very appreciated and taken seriously in consideration. :)


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    Can I have both? ;-)

    Well, I'm looking for Brand reputation (it may be Personal Branding, not necessarily an external Brand Reputation): this is the main goal.

    In the meantime I'd like to gain some money from it: I'd like to make a living (or at least part of it) from my online activities...

    What do you think about it?

    I'm finding hard to figure out how to sustain such a project, and how the sites I mentioned above are able to go on.

    Alltop has Guy Kawasaki as founder, and has some ads, the other ones don't, but I know they had some academic awards (and some money with it).
    I don't know if they have some funding: I asked them but they still hadn't answered me yet... ;-)

    I'm thinking about some ads spaces and a shopping section (books, DVDs, etc... all related to the topics) when there will be some traffic.

    I was wondering about a mailing list too, but I still have to clear my mind.

    Any suggestion?

    PS: I made a mistake when I created the post.
    Now you can read the whole text... :)