My PC has been affected with UAZQ Ransomware

By far I haven't seen anyone recover from Ransomware. But i have heard about cases where you send them money and they give you key + software to encrypt your files.
But they demand a lot. Plus it is not a surety. So It is advisable to reinstate your windows.
you can research internet for details about your particular ransomeware. there may or may not be guides to assist in removal. this should be first priority.

you can attempt a windows system restore point recovery -- but any hacker worth their salt can add 1 LOC to their malware to delete all restore points.

you can try taking it to a professional repair/recovery service. won't be cheap.

good and hard lesson learned -- keep backups of all your important data in event of catastrophe.

last resort you can pay the ransom. do some research on the team that hacked you to see if they're reliable in fulfilling their end. a number of malicious actors either don't unencrypt.
Try NoMoreRansom

It's recommended by Europol, here
Disconnect your PC from the internet and any other networks. Unplug all connected devices (except kb & mouse).

If there's no known decryption tools, then you should give a try with basic file recovery tools.

A lot of these crappy ransomware tools just 'delete' the original files and create encrypted versions of them.
However, if the ransomware doesn't overwrite the bits from the actual storage registry, it means that the original files aren't actually fully deleted and can still be recovered with file recovery tools.
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