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My Paypal acc is Locked. I need a real Paypal expert.

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by ratonjd, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. ratonjd

    ratonjd Regular Member

    Oct 10, 2008
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    Hello guys. I need a paypal expert here. This is what happened. I used to have this paypal account since 2001 when I was living in the US, then I moved to Canada and my account was working there perfectly.

    Then I had to move to South America and I kept using my paypal account with no proxies at all and everything was fine, until I decided to call paypal( Stupid mistake):( and decided to change my address in Canada to a new one because I was planning to buy some stuff on ebay and my address was not up to date.

    The PP customer service told me that I was in South America and needed more verification of my transactions, I never had a problem with PP or my IP address until I made that call.

    Well, he told me he needed proof of inventary of 4 transactions I made. The person who sent me the money didn't put anything on the " notes" field( This was kinda an ewhore transaction):rolleyes:... the thing is the guy sent me around $ 1500 in 3 payments.. with nothing written on it. Now my account is locked since 2007..

    Do you think I can get my account back? If you can help me.. even BH..;) or you have any suggestions on how to un-block my account please write here or send me a PM. Let's talk!!