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    So...I have done my first Scrapebox blast on my own site...Which i build with the challenge of this year...It wasn't going anywhere, then i imagined what could a blast from sb do, then i scraped about 662 links, all wordpress, scraped some fresh proxies, and went to town...

    About 550 or so showed up as success. About 100 of these appeared on an immediate link check.

    So i got those 100 and made five feeds of about 20 links each. Then submitted these via the RSS submitter of Scrapebox.

    That was saturday or sunday i can't remember correctly. Today it shows about
    2400 links both to the main page and the domain in OSE.

    I distributed the links across 5 differents long tail keywords that my research showed a possibility to rank well for.

    No substantial change in ranks till now.

    I am only scared to get deindexed by the big g. Well not really, as the site was meant to learn and experiment anyway. No big deal.

    It has adsense and google web toolkit.

    So, all in all, just another little experience to test the myths about big g. Will report any interesting occurences.