My old domain related to newly registered brand, scam?

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by krishananda, Dec 14, 2010.

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    Hi guys,

    Need your advice, I have an old domain, lets say, it's not fully optimized yet but already have a good position although not on first page of G for tough competition keyword

    I just got an email from a China Domain registration service site saying this:

    Is this a scam?

    The company is in no way related in my business niche and the domain name also doesn't seem to relate with their line of businesses

    Am I eligible to keep my domain even though they registered it as brand
    considering I've had the domain for some and they just recently registered it?

    I really appreciate the help

    Thank you and best regards,
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    I think if you had it first it`s yours end of story. I don`t know that a chinese company could make a claim on a domain previously registered in I am assuming another country?

    At the same time I don`t think you can stop them from registering all those domains with the chineses registra. For the hell of it tell them you will sue them and the company if the register those domains and you have a world wide excluse trademark on the keywords in the domain.

    Maybe they will give you $$$$