My next money making idea - thoughts/advice please

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    I've been using Tweet Adder to build my twitter account for a popular reality tv show (currently around 1200 followers)

    I also have a Facebook Group on the same subject with around 1350 members, yet run other groups on similar themes that I can interlink. I've only been doing this a few weeks, very much on/off whilst I run my main business, but here are my immediate plans:

    1) Create a website (I have a good domain name) which will include a forum and blog.
    2) The blog will include latest news (reworded from other sites or unique) and the links will be added as Tweets and links on facebook page which will bring in traffic to the blog.
    3) The blog will have Adsense so will earn from this and will also link to the forum to get people in discussion.
    4) The website can have affiliate links to places such as Amazon too, as well as linking back to Twitter and Facebook.

    What I'd ideally also like is for the blog to autoupdate and spin with the news, as that will save time.

    What do you think of the above simple, but I think, with the correct marketing (Twitter & Facebook) great potential?

    What else would you do to increase the website viewing (apart from just Twitter/Facebook) and therefore earn more from affiliate links and adsense? Would you profit in any other ways?

    Many thanks in advance guys.

    PS. If anything isn't clear ask and I'll try and explain better.
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