My new plan, need some feedback

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    Alright so now with some asking and browsing through this forum I came up with a few ideas. I'd like to know what'cha think and things I should think about, since I have no idea if this is blackhat, if it is, can I get detected and such.

    So, I have a blog (This one being for a creditcard submit for a casino offer). On this blog I post articles that are casino related with some good keywords I found. I was thinking to post about five or so today and then see if I keep updating.
    Because if I got it right, the point about SEO is not to give readers good material, but rather to raise your rank in search engines.

    Then, I use youtube, to post various of videos related to casino related things (Still unsure how to drive a lot of traffic there other than video-SEO). All videos linking to my blog.

    Now, to make it even better, I make my whole blog redirect people to the offer landing page (Which is a online casino).

    Now if I got this right, I will get people that find my site through Search Engines and such, who get redirected.
    AND video watchers that also get redirected.

    How does it sound? Am I a complete idiot?
    Note that I am starting off small to get a budget, later on I will start buying YT accounts to drive a lot more traffic.

    Also, each offer (Which costs 1$ for people) gives 10$.