My new plan-adult niche(noob journey)

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    Hello everyone!
    I am from Greece,24 years old and i am still noob in IM.
    I started to search for online income before 4 months but i think i am still noob and i didnt earn so much in the past.

    So i will explain you my new plan:

    STEP 1
    I will use Facebook to get traffic.
    First of all i made 3 fake accounts in facebook and i use e whoring method(1 of my fake accounts is locked and i can not fix that :( )
    Btw i think e whoring works nice for me.I started for fun and now i have 6.856 friends & 2.600 followers in both accounts.Today i will start new e whore account...

    I made my new fan page with adult niche called "Hot & Sexy Girls" which is 6 days old with 1350 likes all of them real.I use to invite all my friends(from fake profiles)to my page and i will use it to promote my adult blog.

    STEP 2
    I created one blog yesterday with 35 posts(i dont think admins let me to post here my blogs link)and i will upload every day complete streaming adult movies(not clips) and links for premium adult channels.
    Today i will continue to upload movies and i will try to make better design.

    STEP 3
    I will monetize my blog with linkbucks and when i get much traffic i will think for more methods.Maybe i will try cpa that accepts adult.
    In my first day with linkbucks and with 540 pageviews in my blog i made $0,07 USD...absolutely nothing!

    (sorry for my english)
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