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    I am 29yrs old and I just received the most devastating news yesterday. I have been diagnosed with MS. It is a serious kick in the *ss. It has been one of the most emotional days in my life. Being not even 24 hours later it still sucks and I realize it will continue to suck, it almost feels like I died alive.

    But most importantly I know I have to face it head on. I have a great family and great friends who support me. I just have to be strong and fight it.

    I have never given up on anything in life and I don't plan to start now. This is all the more reason for me to accomplish my goals. I want my family to be secure, if for some reason something happens.

    So this "Obstacle" that I am going through is only going to make me stronger. It will have to give me a new light on life and that extra kick I need to make it work. I dont want anyone to feel bad or sad for me, I just want everyone to wish me luck on my journey to financial success.
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    its just an extra step you have take on the staircase to your goal in life, you can do it.

    And remember this

    'people who dont have alot usually achieve more than people that do, because they dont see anything as an excuse.
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