my new computer is a unreliable lemon. how do i back it up regularly for easy transition?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by ineedmoney1, Dec 21, 2009.

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    ok so i have a lemon of a new computer (i used to love gateway) that i have had to send in to gateway 2 times already and it's looking like it may need to go again. I have already purchased a backup PC (hp) that cost more and has a bit less balls. But should be a rock as HP pc's are known to be reliable. Anyway, i hate having to reinstall software over and over. anyone know if there is a way i can clone my current PC to an external HD than plug it in to my new PC and be up and running in no time or am i simply dreaming with this one.
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    You could use something like Acronis True Image and take a snap shot of the HD when working then whenever it goes tits up, reinstall using Acronis (5 mins) and back to exactly as it was when the snapshot/image was taken.

    You could in theory also run this on another pc, but that has other issues with drivers and what not. Get yourself acronis, when your system is stable and as you like it, have an HD for system and an HD for docs/files etc. Then when it gets shitty, reinstall it as it was when image taken. Easy, quick, simple and stress free! :)