My Network of Sites & How To Use Them Best?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Business Directory, Apr 19, 2011.

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    Hi guys, I run a small business providing basic SEO, web design etc. I have been developing a business directory recently & I want to know how I can get Google to index my home page as much as possible. Another thing I would like some tips on, is creating sub domains & getting them to rank well. I realize that the more links I have to my home page, the better off my sub domains will be when I create them. But is there any other way to get my sub domains ranking well, without link building on each one of them. The searches I'm trying to achieve are not very competitive.

    I also have a network of sites, I have over 100 different domains that I've uploaded content on, it has my clients details on it. And they're just sitting there with my link on the home page & maybe 2-3 other links to the clients home page. Would it be worth while working on each one of these domains so that I have a good quantity of domains linking to my home page? Also would it be worth doing any link building on my sub domains? Or should I just focus on spamming these other 100 domains to hopefully get them to pr1 or pr2 by next update?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.