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My Nephew Need's Help!..

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by auggie101, Dec 23, 2010.

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    Dec 18, 2009
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    Good day,
    For all the people who will going to read this post, I know I will going to be ridicule, insulted, and surely some will sympathize, help, give some encouraging words – I am open to all of them. And for the mods/admins – please remove / deleted / moved this post if this is not appropriate post.
    Here goes my story:

    - I am Kristian / Auggie101 from Philippines – working here in bhw to dome some outsourcing jobs for members here in bhw for almost a year now.

    It’s been a hard month for me. First week of December, my fiancé father admitted to the hospital and a week after died due to heart failure. I have not able to focus on my job since (outsourcer in bhw) due to hospitalization of her father and eventually the funeral engagement of her father. And the sad news keeps on coming when my only nephew admitted to the hospital 4 days ago. His name is James and he is just 4 years old. After a couple of days in hospital and series of diagnostic on the child, the doctor declared that he has early stage of leukemia. (Which the doctor is not sure) A sad story for the family especially in this Christmas season but my family needs to face it. The Doctor advised us that child should undergo series of diagnostics, hospitalization and other things that needed to do to him in order to confirm whether it is leukemia or not in another city which has the capabilities and technology to determine such disease. Which is 7 hours bus trip from the place we live in. In line with process, we need money for him to be admitted in other city and start the diagnostic and observations. We are just middle class family if not poor, earning only enough to live each day and honestly we cannot afford for such treatments. We have just little money left after we pay for the hospitalization for the past days.

    So I humbly ask for help, especially in financial aspects for the hospitalization. Helps from friends and relatives are coming in but still not enough for them to travel and for the admittance. My nephew needs at least $700 more for the preliminary hospital admittance and diagnostics and other expenses. I know there are many here who are ready to help but hesitant due to trust. I cannot take all away the doubt from all the people who were going to read this post and I humbly ask for help atm. I cannot stand to watch my nephew without doing anything. I know some, if not all has a child, has cousin, nephew, brother who were ready to take all the necessary actions to help them.

    And if someone who is/are willing to let me borrow for the said the amount, or portion of the amount, I will going to pay you guys within 4 months, enough for me to earn and pay you the amount that you let me to borrow. And for 4 whole months, I can do any outsourcing jobs without charging you anything. I am willing to work 16 – 18 hours per day for my nephew. I just need some immediate cash for my nephew.

    Hoping for your help and also lot of prayers so that this will not going to confirm the first diagnosed. Thank you. Please PM me, email me, or send me a messages in my IM’s below if you want to help, say some encouraging words and prayers. Thanks.

    AIM / Yahoo / Skype: serve2services
    email: [email protected]