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My name, is Robert Paulsen. And I love Beats.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by YAHMON, Jul 16, 2016.


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    Jul 10, 2016
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    And I'm here to learn some shit.

    I work in the nightlife industry in a major US market. Learning a lot of Social Media Tricks over the past couple of years, and run multiple social media accounts. I've learned a lot of the White Hat tricks, but I'm here for the Black Hats. As nightlife is a very competitive and highly saturated market, it is always wise to stay one step ahead of the curve. This is a game that can be beat in a lot of markets if you know how to play it. I'm here for the PEDs, always trying to grow.

    As I was told to introduce myself, here I am. I've been building a nightlife blog/community/events page through wordpress, and it's like starting school all over again. Somewhat familiar with CSS, PHP, HTML, but learning code all over again as it's been 10 years. I won't be in here to ask dumb questions as I'm very capable of reading. Thought I had the social media game down until I stumbled in here. Now I've realized that there is so much more involved in the social growth hacking. I've been using iMacros script through websta to grow some of my IG accounts, but have been fairly inconsistent in using it. So, you'll see me lurking around a bit in search of all the other juicy methods of IG hacks.



    That's not my real name.


    Is Yoast watching?