My Mom Threatened To Sue Me....

the heck i've just read

i'd never rent a flat my friends,would not allow to make such a situation, but here is a mother...

man if it is not a joke, something totally wrong with you
Did you make this post just so you could have all of BHW shit on you for being an awful child or what?
I gifted my mom $15k so she could pay her pension, why? Because I am not an ungrateful piece of shit and my parents paid for everything 20 years of my life.
Why did you even sign your mom to an automated system? Have her pay you cash when she moves in, the hell.
So what if you lost 6 days' worth of rent. It's not like that amount of money will change your life. plus, she is your mother. she gave you life. how can you haggle with her over a measly 6 days' worth of rent?

If it's your mother you should be charging her $0.

She brought you into the world and took care of you as a child. Least you can do is help her out as a successful businessman.
My friend, don't LISTEN to these people saying "she's your mother"
They are emotionally trying to fool you.
Do what you think is best. Don't think her as your mother but as your customer. And then take the best possible decisions.
Not all mothers are great lol.

Another broken individual.
I mean..but why though? But yea i guess it's an american take profit from family members and try to mlm them into your business without any regret whatsoever..^^"
Edit: Hanzo is right and made me spit out my cigarette.
We have a guy who suffers from dealing with his ego, everything else is not relevant to the topic.
We have a guy who suffer from dealing with his ego, everything else is not relevant to the topic.
But actually we have no background story, which makes it hard for us to give him empathy in any way.
A good friend of mine who moved to the netherlands for example, his mom left him in lithuania and took his brother with her to germany.
He was really young at that time and ended up on the streets, he survived and became a drug dealer at a really young age, i would've never met him,
if he didn't flee the country, but men his story was so messed up. He even met his mother when i was at his apartment, she lived in berlin and came to visit him. But left the next day..he cried that night so hard because it was his birthday and not even his brother congratulated him, not even a phone call.
I never felt so much pain like that day, i felt helpless, i tried to give him a job, an oppertunity to change his life around..but i think it was too late in the end he moved to the netherlands and started dealing again.
So no, not all mothers deserve a good treatment. But if your mother was there for you, paid for your food and gave you shelter, don't fking try to get her into paying you..and than cry about it on the internet like a weasel.
Just don't do business WITH YOU FAMILY MEMBERS AT ALL, just stop it. Get some help.
Fucking LOL!

Really dude, your need for attention is epic. This whole thread says so much about you.

OP starts threads saying how many millions he is making, but now is having a hard time deciding if he should let his mom off with a few bucks! That said if this is how she acts it gives a lot of insight into how you conduct yourself. Hope it all works out for you LMFAO

Keep these threads coming OP, I love them.

brb... I'm just off to transfer 10k into my mothers account and to tell her I love her. When she asks why I'll just say I read something that reminded me of all she has done for me.
Really dude, your need for attention is epic. This whole thread says so much about you.

You insult him for needing attention, and then have to talk about transferring $10,000 to your mother like it's nothing? Why? The only logical reason to make such a statement is that you have a need for attention yourself. There is no other reason to state such a thing. Insulting him doesn't help the world in any way. Talking about $10,000 doesn't help the world in any way. You just want the attention yourself. Right?
With earning millions like you said, it would be fair from you to buy your mom her own apartment, not trying to even milk money from her that way.
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This is just a PR bullshit post of @SMMnet to gain from his signature. The more people will see the more his business! Every week he finds some stupid topics just to be seen on BHW! I understood now!!

I request everyone to ignore his topics completely!

We are giving him free publicity!
Jesus Christ just let her have the money, it's your mother. You've got a successful business earning millions and your worried about 6 days rent for your mum... wtf am i reading
Don't do business with family. Be more careful with your decisions next time
If you are doing well financially, you shouldn't charge your mom anything for that.
Is this a joke or you're for real? Is she your step mom or your actual biological mom ???

First of all why would you even get rent from your mom.

Give her money back and rent her a new place and pay the rent! damn SHE IS your MOTHER bro. You should die for her!
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