My method for getting fresh pictures for Tumblr, Pinterest etc.

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    Hi, just a quick method for getting fresh content on autopilot. Great for noobs! Not sure if it has been posted before ... Anyways:

    1. Register at
    This is a portal where you can link all you social accounts media together. Right now, they support more than 50 platforms! For instance, you can make it post to Facebook; Instagram; Blogger and Wordpress whenever you make a blog post. I use it to sync my Pocket with my Kindle and Google Drive ... So, yeah, the possibilities here are endless.

    2. For IM I use it to download all pictures from Instagram with a certain tag into a folder on my dropbox, then I upload them in bulk to Tumblr. You can also take them directly from Instagram to Tumblr, I do that on some of my blogs, but as far as I know, you can not set the click thorugh link at IFTTT. If you do this, you might want to go through your queue and delete duck-face girls and guys showing off their skinny pack ... unless that is your niche ...

    On some of my blogs, I value quality posts, so I like to delete photos and just pick the best.

    I'm not sure how many knows about this site, it was new to me at least ... And I am sure you may find some use for it!
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    Thanks a lot on this
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    Why not use the old good RSS feeds?