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    Ever have your mac address blocked at your local hot spot? Well no worries anymore.. There is a program called cain and abel that will spoof mac address. Incase you dont know what a Mac address is its alot like an IP address but its for your network card. Every network adapter wireless or wired has a mac address. With this program you can change it. So lets say your scrapeboxing at McDonalds, and they decide to block your mac address well change it and relog back onto there network. :)

    Not only does this program soof mac addresses it also will crack wireless signals. THis is very useful if you live in large apartment cummunities or maybe a mobile home villiage. I know what your thinking, well im only pickin up like 4. Well let me make a humble suggestion. Visit ebay and buy a huge antenna and a cable to connect that sucker. The idea would to be fixate this antenna out side a window on a balcony or maybe on the roof. If you have a usb dongle then well if i remember correctly usb 2 will support up to like 250 ft of cable. What I used in the past was a an american flag, hung that sucker off the side of my balcony on a pole. ( You know like retirees do) On this pole I taped with electrical tape my antenna then run that sucker back to my pooter. Now all of a sudden I have about 30 signals that I can play with. Another program good for packet sniffing would be air crack..

    helpful pointers..

    If and when you crack into a network, change your computer name to the donors name or something very simular. So incase someone does check there logs it looks like its just a dupe of theres. How do you find there router password? You can do a search for common setup password and usernames by manufactor for routers on good ol oogly googly.

    Clear your cookies before and after also use a spoofed mac address.

    DOnt check your email, bank, or anything you have to log into.

    Be kind to there ip, try not to get them banned from search engines an such. And you can enjoy there ip for long periods of time.

    Windows 7 has made it a bit tougher for people to search others hds and such over networks, with the manditory passwords and all that. But if that generous neighbor is using xp feel free to pruise thru there porn stash.

    There you go free private proxies in your neighbor hood!

    Be smart boys and girls this has a far severe out come then a simple sandbox.
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