My low competition webs are pr3, yet still ranking poorly

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by R0meo, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Hello guys.

    I have been into IM for few months now. Smartly backlinkig my webs and getting high pr for my low competition webs.

    I already have 5 small webs with pr3, but not satisfied with my rankings.

    All my websites are in a very low competition section. I do have exact match domains, yet can't to outrank other webs with pr0 or pr1.

    I've been reading a lot that quality content is THE key, yet i use spinned content for my webs, and i have never checked how unique they are after spinnig.

    I already make some money being in the 8-12 G spot, yet feel like i deserve to be higher with my pr3 webs.

    So, spun content could be the case? Maybe other in page seo things?
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    PR does not equate to good rankings. PR is a measurement of backlinks only and can not overcome a website which has been poorly optimized.

    Depending how big your sites are, you may want to consider dropping the spun content. Doing so may yield better results.
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    Here's a trick I learned from a webinar back in January. Basically, you get the PR of all the pages that rank on the first page of google. Then you add them, and divide the total by 10.

    If the result is between 0.0 to 1.4.. you should rank in just a few day (less than a week).

    If the result is between 1.41 to 2.6.. you rank in just two weeks.

    If the result is between 2.61 to 3.8.. you rank in a month or two

    .. higher than that, you rank in months unless you have really good PR links that are like 7+, and I am not talking about the domain PR (because a lot of these people here tend to get confused with high pr links for some reason), I'm talking about the "page's PR," which is the page that the actually pr is on (domains with high pr just give healthy link juice to your backlinks... which equates to a PR of 2 or 3).

    Hoped this helped.



    Also you can use bing too. I think this is the most effective way of initially profiling your competition... Basically you find the top 3 competitors in your niche on the google page, and you type their name into bing like this:

    This basically finds the competitor's backlinks. If the #1 position in google has way more backlinks than the #2 and #3 position, you're gonna have a problem regardless and will probably need to outsource the site heavily. But if they have an amount of backlinks that are relative to each other... it shouldn't take you long.

    Once again, I hoped this helped though.
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    I also think that a good PR does not implies a good ranking in G. There are more than hundred of factors considered by G while assigning ranking to the sites. PR is only one of such factor..