My List Sucks, My Fanpage Sucks, Marketing Sucks, Clickbank Sucks, THIS SUCKS!!!

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    I'm sick and tired of al of the nonsense marketing bullshit and etiquette. Everybody and their mother accuses you of spamming and my list is so unresonsive it fucking makes me puke blood.

    Let's talk about spamming for a second.

    Every time you try to promote yourself, your product, or your link, some asshole jumps up and calls you a spammer. Why the fuck do I have to be all stealth-like to be an internet marketer?

    Just look at TV commercials. They don't take some roundabout way in "stealth" mode to try and market their product to you. They just come right out and promote. On the internet, that shit would be considered spamming.

    When did it become such a taboo to try and sell something on the internet? You have to go all around the subject and hope people get the hint subliminally. Fuck that. From now on, I am going to be outright and promote my hsit to the net and fuck whoever doesn't like it.

    And what's with these tight-assed forum owners and cocksucker mods? You can't even post a link in a forum without some punk ass shithead, cum licking moderator going up your ass.

    I posted a product on here for free download just last week and some cocksucker mod took it down because it had a link to one of my squeeze pages in it.

    Never mond the fact that it provided value to the members and I was gracious enough to give a product that took me 3 months to create away for free. Noooooo. That isn't even taken into consideration. Instead, the shithead is worried that I might actually get a few cheap-ass, freeloading fucking subscribers from his busted out, assed-out, shitty-ass forum.

    God forbid I actually do some marketing. Hey retard! It's called MARKETING! Douchebag.

    Guess what? If it looks like I m trying to sell you something that's because I am asshole! It's my job. That's what I do. I market. I SELL. No, I won't hide it anymore and pretend I want to help you become as successful as me in 30 days when it took me 3 years. I just want your fucking money you filthy, cheap cocksucker!

    And no, I won't give you a 60 day guarantee so you can download the product and then request a refund like 75% of the asswipes who buy Clickbank products through my affiliate links. I bust my ass so some cockknock can go ahead and get something for nothing off my back.

    As for my subscribers: If you don't ever intend to purchase soemthing through one of my emails, then FUCK OFF AND DIE. Get the fuck off of my list NOW you asshole motherfuckers. I'm sick of handing out freebies like candy to you cheap motherfuckers so you can ignore my fucking emails!


    But most of all...

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