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Aug 31, 2023
Hello again, BHW. I have decided to make a journey with a local lawn care service I have recently started by myself and my wife. I have gained new skills over the years, especially with SEO and digital marketing, this will be important to ensure I have local visibility and target the right clients.

Industry: Lawn Care
Niche: Gas-Free

Step 1: Design and Implement a Website

• I have secured 2 domains for my brand. They are both Country-level TLDs and have my brand name in them. Since my brand name has a hyphen, I secured the domain (re-direct) without the hyphen in cases of misspells.
• I have designed a website with on-page SEO, terms, policies, location-specific landing pages, etc.
• I have also set up a few socials, including Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Yelp (more to come).
• I designed my very own logo and graphics for socials and my website.

Cost: $25/mo

Step 2: Acquire Tools/Equipment
• I got an amazing deal on lawn care equipment. This includes a lawn mower, blower and trimmer.
• I also spent some cash for business cards, work shirts and a work hat.
• I grabbed some more things that are necessary, such as a clipboard, safety pylons, pens, work shoes, receipt books, etc.


Step 3: Acquiring Clients (IN PROGRESS)
• I will be reaching out via Facebook groups of local communities.
• I will be putting around $50 for Facebook ads to reach target towns.
• On my free-time on weekends, I will be going door-to-door offering an exclusive offer for new clients.

I understand some of you might make the argument of acquiring the clients first and then invest in the equipment... that's understandable but I'm a risk taker and I have faith that this business will flourish.

I'm very excited to share my first journey with you guys and hopefully, we can learn from each other or I hope to inspire someone to take that risk to try and build a business of their own. It was a rather large risk to spend $1,500 on lawn care equipment... but it's top of the line, brand new and covered under warranty for many, many years.

I will try to update this post on a weekly basis.


Total Costs: $1,525
Total Profit: $0
April 18th, 2024 - UPDATE

I have not gone out to go door-to-door, but I have been posting on Facebook groups and managed to grab 3 clients off the get-go.

Will be quoting 2 clients in an upscale retirement village this weekend and have one lawn mowing booked for the 21st.

What will I focus on now?

Simply put, I will be focusing on my Step 3 progress:

• Advertise on Facebook and post more on local groups.
• Adding new landing pages to my website to target keywords in my area.
• Door-to-door exclusive offers for new clients.

Total Cost: $1,500
Profit: $35 or (-$1,465)
Good luck with your venture.
You have made 35 USD from ur first client. How much was spent on fuel while driving to clients' locations? Or that already included in the profit?
I apologize for taking this off track. I remember talking to the lawn service that does the lawn for our condo. I thought they must make a lot of money, but when I learned about it, they told me, "A lot of people outbidding each other, and the margins are thin." Again, it would be best if you didn't try, but people always want the best price.

My thought is to add a service such as window washing, maybe as it has high margins and costs not much to start, and you can maybe combine it. Anyhow, best of luck!
LTV and CTV bro. :p Grass doesn't just disappear right.
Good luck with your venture.
You have made 35 USD from ur first client. How much was spent on fuel while driving to clients' locations? Or that already included in the profit?
Luckily, the clients are a 10 minute drive from my home. So, it's only like $2 or $3 in fuel.
April 22, 2024 UPDATE

I have talked to a client who referred me to 2 other clients. All in the same retirement neighbourhood. Right now, it's 3 weekly clients.

The lovely wife of a client has taken my cards and placed them in the office building for their community to see. AWESOME!

Regarding my first client in previous post, they have cancelled their appointment with no reason.

Client 1: $25 weekly
Client 2: $25 weekly
Client 3: $30 weekly

All payments have been made and will be paid for the month, around 4 cuts per month per client.

Total Cost: $1,500
Total Profit: $320 (-$1,180)

As I still do work a 9-5 job, I will be taking these on in the evenings and Saturday's. For this neighbourhood, Sunday's are a no-go for lawn mowing.

What will I be doing now?

I haven't invested in Facebook ads due to the popularity recently in this particular neighbourhood. My pricing must be great because after quoting them, they all hired me on.

I will be focusing on great lawn care service for these clients and hopefully the neighbours notice and start inquiring. As it stands, I'm very happy with 3 clients only starting less than a week ago.

What have I learned so far?

There's a huge market for affordable lawn mowing services for seniors. They also asked me to do mulching and bush trimming, which I will expand into shortly. Word of mouth is particularly important, as 2 of 3 clients were gained from word of mouth.
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good luck, i was actually thinking of getting into the home services biz myself. I have years of experience in lead gen and i figure i can easily rank and build something. Glad to see you are getting traction

Also dont sleep on posting on Craigslist for leads
I'd say don't wait around for clients and just start a YouTube channel of you doing yard work around your community/town/city.

You'll get AdSense money, plus any additional work/clients along the journey.

Every now and then I'll binge watch a couple of those hour-long videos of people cutting overgrown lawns from abandoned houses.
UPDATE | April, 26th 2024

• Today is the first day that I mow my clients' yards. I have 3 appointments today for mowings and 1 new appointment beforehand for a quote.
• The weather is getting nicer, thankfully.
• My 4th soon-to-be client was a referral from one of my current clients.
• Just got another call from a soon-to-be senior client that lives out of the area, I will be quoting her on Monday. She found me on Google - she would be my 5th potential client.

No. of Clients: 3
No. of Quotes: 2
UPDATE | May 1st

It's been a bit slow, but this first week of getting outside and mowing has been amazing! Since the last update, I gained a 4th client and had done their lawn yesterday.

Today, I received a call from a lady who would like me to quote her yard, it's much larger than the ones I've been doing and she's also needing dog feces clean up, which is an upcharge.

I also have to do a quote for a lady who lives about 30 minutes away, it's hard to find time to shoot down there with daylight but I really want to take care of her lawn.

No. of Clients: 4 (all weekly clients)
No. of Quotes: 2

Client 1: $25/week
Client 2: $25/week
Client 3: $30/week

Client 4: $25/week

Projected revenue after one month: $420

Each client has been giving me a $5 tip, which adds to around $20 per week extra.

Every lawn takes around an hour to complete the mowing, edging and blowing, making roughly $30/hr.

With the clients being weekly and around 5 months of lawn mowing season, I'm projected to make $2100 with current clients. This will put me in the profits at around $600. I'm hoping to get around 15 clients and I feel like I will get there.


What will I be doing next?
• I've been telling you guys I would be posting Facebook ads - this is still something I need to focus on. Just needing to make a great advert that can grab the attention of my clientele.
• Bought some closable, reusable lawn waste bags - I use a Kia Soul to transport everything, this is allow me to carry more than 2 full yard waste bags.
UPDATE | May 17th

Ahh, it's been quite busy... although I do have a lot of downtime, and I'm hoping to fill those gaps with some new clients.

What's happened since my last update?
• I've managed to secure a total of 7 weekly clients.
• One client gave me a $5 more-per-cut raise for my commitment and flexibility.
• I'm running Facebook ads to locals in my area who are 40 years old+.

Avg weekly income: $175-$200

Weekly income goal: $250-$310


It's been raining quite a bit - thankfully it hasn't been difficult to re-book my clients. The lawns have been growing like they're on steroids, but it's nothing for my mower.

Clients seem to love the fact that I am zero-emissions and compost their grass clippings. The seniors find this interesting and I don't think anyone in my area does this.


I'm working hard on securing new clients. I'm trying to get my clients to spread to good word about my services. I've been approached by a couple clients outside of my service area, I did not take them on as they are too far away.
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