My Latest BH SEO Method Which is Working a Dream.

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    Nothing ground breaking here but could be useful for anyone starting out, plus some cheaper and quicker techniques than using SENuke or manually doing link farms/buffer sites.

    Heres what I did recently to get a 1st page ranking for a reasonably competitive, profitable keyword. Traffic is about 2000 a month. Not a load but it converts incredibly well, im seeing a sale every couple of days from about 5 hours work, position 7 google. So thats about $20 a day on average and this is no "trend" keyphrase, its here to stay.

    Firstly I created my money site and wrote a decent unique product review with screenshots. It looks as good as anyone else on the 1st page as it should do since I ripped it from them all :) fuck actually buying the product!

    Then I manually commented on 5 high PR blog pages, about 3 stuck I think. This should get you indexed pretty quickly along with a ping of all the blogs you comment on, I use pingomatic. Plus you have some nice legitimate links which help hugely.

    Then I rewrote a completely different article (you want totally unique content on your money site, dont just spin that) and then spun with magic artile rewriter, 50% uniqueness in a click. I then submitted manually to Go articles and Ezine, checking the Ezine one for quality first. All the articles link directly to my money page and nothing else.

    I did nothing much for about a week. Then I went and checked the first 10 pages of Google manually and spotted all of my articles that were ranking. Thats right I do this manually as not all the auto article submissions will ever get approved and only a few actually get indexed, but you have submitted to hundreds so this is just the quickest way, it only takes 5 mins with autopager on. Most are on the 3-4 page of Google, and its the better directories that tend to rank unsurprisingly.

    So I grabbed all of the ranking, indexed articles, giving me about 10 buffer sites that are already ranking. Loaded up SB and blasted all of them with PR backlinks from different platforms, all with low OBLs. Each site has about 20-30 links now.

    About a 2 weeks later and I'm 7th on Google, plus I dominate the second page. I have 7 out of 10 positions covered! Hopefully my Goarticles will be on 1st page as well shortly after another blast. Personally I felt that this worked as well if not better than using something like SEnuke. Sure the article sites aren't always as hot but with some links they still work great as buffer sites, and I have never had an issue with deletion which is a real issue with some web 2.0s. Questions/comments welcomed.
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