My Landing Page Suspended on Adword

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by trashtalk, Dec 29, 2014.

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    Nov 30, 2011
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    Hello, this last few weeks, im trying to try paid traffics and cpa and started on facebook but my mode of payment is banned and i cant test and run ads on fb. now i test running campaign on adword, my niche is blackhat, about fake freebies/gifts/giveaways on certain game on facebook with HQ LP but my domain has been suspended by google adwords. can someone tell me how to avoid this? i am new to adwords and still reading every post on BHW regarding ideas and tips but i dont know if keywords with "hacks,cheats" are ok on ads. tried to delete those keywords but still my site is suspended by G.Adwords. can someone help me with this?
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    May 13, 2014
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    Welcome to BlackHatWorld, but don't expect miracles to happen itself. You have to work your ass off.
    As far as the suspension is concerned, it's permanent, and the kind of ads you are running seems to be sketchy for Adwords.
    Post the suspension email you got from Adwords to see what actually went bad.
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    Slightly off topic but if your landing page was on a subdomain and it was suspended from adwords. Would you then be able to create another subdomain and advertise with adwords? Or would they block the entire domain?
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    I had this to a few times, most recently yesterday.

    I was suspended because they claimed the vendor site was making false claims, which I think is bullshit. I also clearly state that I offer a 100% refund if not happy so I am waiting to hear back.

    Google needs to change the way there CS works and operates.

    I would rather wait one week to get my ads approved by actually having a human look at my account and help me make it correct than let me run it for 4 days then suspend me with an automated email that makes no sense...

    We are willing to spend money with these guys and they treat us like shit. Why not help us instead?????